Monday, June 18, 2012

A Hoppin Good Time!

Meet Froggy, my new green friend.   Froggy is pretty cool and says he is related to a celebrity.   I'm not sure what that is, but I think his name is Kermit Kardashian?   I may have gotten that wrong.   Froggy says Kermit hangs out with a pig.   I've never seen a pig but if it is green… I may like her too.
My friend Froggy
Come on… lets get up and play.

We went outside to play in the yard.   
Froggy has a bit of trouble getting around, so I had to carry him around to show him my yard.  If I grab and pull on his long green line, he hops around as I drag him along.  

I like that he does not yell "Ouch" when I grab him. Mom and Aunty D always say "Ouch" when I grab them.

Sometimes Froggy squeaks when he is really happy. Woofing cool!
I also saw a bunny in my yard this morning.   It hops a lot better than froggy.  By the time I ran over to the bunny, it hopped out of my yard.   I thought I was fast… but the bunny was really fast.   Froggy is not fast at all, unless I drag him around.   Maybe the bunny will come back tomorrow to play with me.  I think he could be more fun than Froggy.   It is exhausting dragging Froggy around all the time.
I'm keeping a close look out for bunny tonight.

I'll bark at you again!  Chow for now.

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