Friday, March 4, 2016

Getting down to Business - Attention Blogville Police Officers

I'm out cruisin' today.

Like my ride?   It's now da Blogville Police Chief's Bat-Mobile car.

Destination:  Da Office

Mission:   Check out my new office to review my staff.

I need to name a #2 (Deputy Top Cop) and I think dat some of my officers should be promoted.     Others may want new assignments or more responsibility.

I got a list of current staff from our Police Commissioner Sarge and hope we didn't miss anyone.

My assistant, Office Manager & Head Jailer
* Hailey

DTC's ride

Deputy Top Cop
* OPEN  (gets to drive dat new Blogville Police Batcycle motorcycle)

* OPEN - dis is a new position.   The Dispatcher answers 991-paws Calls and Dispatches the right officers to address the need.   They are the primary communications link to Me and all of the Officers.

Morale Officer
* OPEN - dis is another new position.  Da Officer will be responsible for keeping morale up, Police Charity events, Socials and makin' sure da we do not run out of Donuts.

* Abby the Lab
* Sully
* Augus
* Ruby

* Zaphod, Lead Detective & Canadian Division
* Wallace, South Africa Division
* Charlie, Australian Division
* Easy, European Division

World Wide Criminal Investigator & Forensics Department
* Bertie

Bloodhound Officer
* Bentley and his assistant Pierre

Beach Patrol
* Freya Rose Blossom, England

Jr. Officers
* Riley
* Whitley
* MacDui
* Finley
* Arty
* Princess Leah
* Sophie
* Shelby
* Speedy

AND.... Special Consultant Investigators Sherlock Reilly and Dr Denny

ATTENTION - Action required
  1. Please let me know (send me an email at scottierangerATgmailDOTcom) if you would like to continue to serve in our super cool POLICE Department and what position/changes/promotions you would like.
  2. If you are interested in joining our Blogville Police department as a Jr. Officer, send me an email scottierangerATgmailDOTcom.   We are always lookin' for some new paws.
  3. If you have police experience and are interested in joining our Blogville Police department send me an email scottierangerATgmailDOTcom.   
Thank you for your support.   I really hope dat my predecessor (Retired Chief Sidebite) approves of what I'm doing.   I wanta make him proud of me.

                    Chief Ranger

Pees...  I will not be addressing da Fire and Rescue Department (see Commissioner Sarge if you are looking for assistance in dat area).


  1. OMD Bossman #2 you are really 'on it'!!!!! Yous giving the Pawlice Dept a real Spring Clean...must be the donut crumbs. Can't wait to see how the dept develops, bet its gonna be great funs serving in Blogsville!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. wow Ranger that's a super batcycle.... can you look in the blogville treasure chest if all detectives can get such a ride? that would be pawsome :o)

  3. Hey Chief!
    Wow, that's the coolest COP (Chief of Police) ride ever! I'm looking forward to all of the improvements and changes. This is gonna be GREAT!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  4. BTW: Forgot to mention...Detective Mickey is Sidebites brother and I should have deleted him. Sorry about that. See how much I need your help!! BOL

  5. Hi Ranger, Gussie (angus) still would like to be on the force.
    stella rose

  6. That's super pawesome. I think Morale Officer must be the coolest job. Donuts everywhere!!

  7. Ya should make me morale officer, I could make shure dere are no leftover donuts - wait, dat are not da job???

  8. Congratulations Ranger Sir,You'll do us proud I am sure,xx Jr Officer Speedy

  9. I still want to be on the force just let me know what you want me to be.

    Aroo to you,

  10. We think the New and Revised Pawlice Force is in GRRRREAT PAWS...
    Hey Chief... you could have a Pawliceman's BALL... THAT would be fun...

  11. erm you forgot two special consultant investigators Sherlock Reilly and Dr Denny

  12. We have the safest community
    Lily & Edward

  13. Great that you are getting right on the job Ranger!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & mabel

  14. Wow! You are jumping right into the job! Congratulations!

    We are quite busy as the Double Doggie Homeland Security System, especially when ghostwriter is at work and we have to let Dad know when someone is at the door or when the mail truck goes by (since Dad is very hard of hearing.) But if you need some extra help for a special event or need some private investigation consultants, be sure to give us a call. And remember, barking is always free!

  15. Crikey Mr. Chief Ranger, Sir ... I'm ready Sir ..... any problems downunder and Junior Officer, Dui and I are at the ready.
    Mmmmmmmmmm!!! European Detective, Easy, had a small request. Sure sounds like a good move to me. Cars are great but a bit hard dodging the gum trees when chasin' the roos. That batcycle would be perfect for the job, Sir!!

  16. We are so glad you hit the ground running! We knew you would do an excellent job!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  17. Did Sidney lose his job? Shelby and Sophie are till on the squad.

  18. Golly, Ranger, you is all business...wait we forgot da donuts, guess you like some sweet stuff too, but we is impressed by how you're right on da job! We are so proud to have you as our Chief! You are da man to get Blogville to be a model community! Thanks, Ranger, you're PAWSOME! You think of everything! We support you all da way!
    Licks and wags,
    Riley-Puppy and Tessie-Girl

  19. Ranger I am most impressed, with your capable paws in charge Blogville will be such a peaceful place to live. If you ever need the MacLowland Scottish Band to play for police events we will be there. Congrats on the position!
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  20. I am looking forward to assisting you between my naps. Hailey.

  21. Just call me BATGIRL! I so want to ride the bike.

    Officer Abby T. Lab

  22. We are enjoying our position as Tracker Hounds and media liaison. Keep up the pawsome work!


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