Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving Walkies

I love cruisin.
I don't know about you, but I had a flippin grrrrrrreat Thanksgiving.

Aroooooooo..... I got to ride in the zoom-zoom car and we cruised to my favorite place for walkies.

Dis is my favorite place to go for walkies.

It's our tradition to go for a walk on da beach on Thanksgiving and dis year it was like 70 degrees out (perfect beach walking weather).
I saw lots of other dogs dat must have da same tradition and sniffed around for cool new smellables.    I even left some peemail and read some sand messages.   
Hummmmm..... I wonder if dis was left by da Thanksgiving Turkey King.
It was my bestest Thanksgiving walkie ever.    I guess I should add to my Thankful List dat I am Thankful for Walks on da Beach.

Den we came home and I watched da National Dog show.   Now I know dat da Scottie didn't win dis year, but I still loved watching it.   You know dat I'm a TV junky.

And finally, I got to have a little turkey in my dinner.    Life is good.

I hope dat you had a grrrrrreat day too!


Pees..... since we're talking walkies, Mom wanted me to ask you if you wear a harness when you go on walkies.    Apparently I'm pulling a lot and she's looking to get me a harness.   She wants it to be an easy on and off type and I want it to be comfortable.
So... do you wear a harness and what would you recommend (make and brand)?


  1. Yay for a Happy Thanksgiving Ranger,You should take a look see at love is owned by a husky as they review lots of leashes and harnesses,xx Speedy

  2. You're asking a parrot? I won't wear one.

  3. We wear harnesses all the time we are on leash. We have had the step in type (and we really did learn to step in them too) and not the ones we wear go on as easy as a collar. You can see them in lots of our pictures.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. I am considering getting a Thunder leash for Sophie. She is the most erratic walker ever. It is supposed to keep them from pulling. Lots of luck with that. I would buy it from Bed, Bath, and Beyond if they sell it. You can use a coupon and they do not give you a hassle if it doesn't work. Shelby is on a harness and Sid has a leash.

  5. We wear Puppia and Ruffwear but to stop that pulling Mom needs to use a Gentle Leader. It's like we are different dogs.

    1. This is Indy and Lucy. I hate this doesn't use our name and pic.

  6. What great fun, and what a great tradition to go to the beach -- Would you believe that Todd has never been to a beach? He doesn't know what he's missing, does he? He's also never worn a harness, and he's one of the few Scotties that I've seen that doesn't -- He does pull on a leash, but only at first.

  7. I wear a harness - we use da Lupine Pet step-in harness. Dey have a lotta patterns.

    1. Yep, Momma gits us da one fur medium dogs, 3/4" wide, 15-21" girth. The 3/4 works better fur us size pups dan da 1/2" or 1"...Dey gots lotsa cool patterns-- ya can gits a matching leash and collar if ya wants, and dey comes wiff lifetime guarantee-- even if us pups chews it up! I hadta gits a harness when I wuz really little cuz I pulled so hard I quacked like a duck!!

    2. Ranger-- Momma wanted to have me tell ya 'bout a sale Lupine is havin' until Dec. 1st. Ya use da code EARLYBIRD and get 30% off yer order!!

  8. Arty is waiting for it to warm up a little so we can go to the beach too!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  9. OMD, that looks like a PAWSOME Thanksgiving tradition Ranger!!! I loves it!
    The harness I use is from Australia, it's called a Walk Me Slip harness. It is the only thing that makes me not pull, Though, I can't say it's the most comfortable. It can tend to slip to the side when not snug. The easiest to get into is the step in harness, I do have one of those for the truck. It's a Solve-it harness, and tested for car safety. Anyhu, I hopes you get some good suggestions, cause finding the right one for you is impawtent!
    Ruby ♥

  10. A beach walkie on Thanksgiving is something to definitely be thankful for! I wear a harness, too. I have one like Whitley that's my favorite. I am a puller, too, because there's so much to sniff!


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