Thursday, June 12, 2014

Puppy Advice for Dui

Welcome to Blogville, MacDui!
Dui is a wee little laddie and is livin the high life Downunder with his big sisters Bella & Roxy.

Today is da day we all give little Dui some puppy advice.

Here's my advice for Dui:
  1. Training.  Your peep will want to teach you to do lots of useless stuff.   They will call it "training" and give you treats to do what dey want.  Act dumb so you can get loads of training treats.
  2. Confusion/Chaos.   Whatever your peep tells you to do; do da opposite.  You'll confuse dem and will never get into trouble because dey will think dat you are so darn cute.   It is soooooooo much fun messin wiff dem and to see dat confused look on dar face.
  3. Noise maker.  Silence is your friend when gettin into mischief.   Always leave da scene of destruction when you hear a noise (could be a peep coming to check on you).
  4. Property.  Anything dat you can sink your sharp little teeth into is Yours.
  5. Snatchin toys.   You are small and fast so snatchin toys from Bella and Roxy is easy peasy.   Let dem win (some of da time) cuz dey are your big sisters and will always look after you.
  6. Pickin fights.  Pick fights wiff Mom's shoes and boxes instead of your big sisters.
  7. Stuff not to eat.  Never eat chocolate or eyes off a human stuffies.  
    I ate one of snoopy's eyes once and had to go to da dogster.   It was a pukey kinda a day.   Enough said.
  8. Mail.  Da mailman is your friend.  He brings Blogville packages for you and your sisters.   Also, da box is not the pressie….. look inside.
  9. Food.   Only eat food out of your own dish.  Never try to eat food from your sisters' dish.   Dos girls love to eat and take dining seriously.   Do Not mess wiff dar foodables.    Now… if it is on da floor… it's free game.  Go for it.
  10. Dirt.   Dig in it, roll in it, and eat it.   Dirty is good and manly.  
I'll let da others tell ya all aboutz Squirrels.

Here's my advice for Bella & Roxy:
  • Move over girls…. dare's a new alpha pup in da house.   Deal wiff it.  If he's being too pesty and you need a little peace…. just jump onto da couch.   Dui is way too little to get up on da couch.   Other dan that… enjoy da chaos and your new little shadow.

Pees...   Today Oscar & Archie and Sammy has asks us to show everyone THE POWER OF THE PAW (POTP) and  to we reach our paw to all who need it. 
Des are my paws.

NOW ==>  Join da Blog Hop (below) to give Dui puppy advice and/or give Bella & Roxy advice on how to deal wiff a wee little pesty brother.


  1. Gosh Ranger, I wish I'd known all that stuff when I was a puppy.
    Toodle pip!

  2. Excellent advice Ranger!! Love the deal with it part for Bella and Roxy!!! bol


  3. Ranger, you are so right about jumping up on the couch. It is the only way we can get away from him sometimes. He has become Roxy's shadow. And he DELIGHTS in barking at me, Bella, and then leaping out of the way or under the bed when I try to tell him off. (Sometimes he ends up in time out).

    You'd think the ONLY boy in a litter of four, would be accustomed to GIRLS. Although, maybe that's the problem.

    Anyway, there was some fangtastic advice there!

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

    Thanks for hosting this, we're enjoying all the advice.

  4. Nice one Ranger. The last point is very dear to our heart. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. that is all excellent advice and spoken from experience

  6. ALL good advice... butt 8 and 10 are the BESTEST .

  7. Excellent stuff Ranger!
    Wally & Sammy

  8. #2 is a very important advice... think that's the base for endless mischief.. err... .I mean fun! Good Guide Ranger, of course, you are a scottie too and they always know the best tricks :o)

  9. You gave the bestest tips EVER!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. Ranger gave you the best advice.The most important is to respect your elders. The girls are called bitches for a reason.

  11. Ranger, great advice!! Everybody has had very good advice for the little DUI. Bailey would like to tell him that any NEW something left unattended in the yard needs to be peed on - even if it is the grandpeeps shoes.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  12. Pawesome advise you gave Dui. I might have try one or two of them myself.

    Aroo to you,

  13. Top tips pal!!


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