Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Going on a Leaf Hunt

It is Fall here in NC and it is raining leaves.   I love to chase, catch and chomp on them.  Mom says I'm getting extra fiber in my diet.   I don't know what that means… but chomping is fun!

Yesterday Mom and Aunty D took me to the Meadow Park so I could go on a leaf hunt.

OMD… that is the biggest leaf that I have ever seen.
This leaf is soooooo big, it is kinda hard to pick up.
Maybe I should grab it from this end.

After we went on our leaf hunt, we came across a playground.  I dug in the sand and I went on the slide.  If I had a buddy.  We could slide down together.
Maybe I'll have to go with Wally next time.
Where are all the children?

Mom says it is probably too cold for the little children.   I guess they do  not have nice warm fur like me.

Time to go now.
Arrrrrooooooo.   There is another dog over there.  Maybe he will play with me and we can catch some leaves together.
Chow for now.


  1. We love chasing and chomping leaves too Ranger! Do you think your mom will consider getting you a brother or sister??
    Wally & Sammy

  2. Ranger your having tons of fun, cause we can tell by the sand on your nose.

    Your Pals
    Susie & Bites

  3. Do some of those leave get caught in your fur? We always come back with stuff clinging to us. Sounds like you had a great time....digging is always fun.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. Well aren't you just the cutest McRanger......we decided to make your name more Scottish :) leaves are so much fun at this time of year

  5. I like it. McRanger. I think it fits!

  6. Would you PLEASE take Kaci off my hands for a couple of months? She has too much puppy energy and you two could tire each other out. Oh yeah, and show her about potty training also.

  7. OMD! I LOVE eating the leaves! Ma gets mad because I have a 'sensitive constitution' (that means I can gets the trots if I eat anything weird), so if she sees me she makes me 'drop' it. She's really NO fun. Butts, I have figured out how to be extra sneaky, and eat em' when she's not lookin'! BOL


    pees: I LOVE that last pic!!

  8. I would love to have come and played and hunted and deaded leaves!! I would love the slide to, next time you need a play mate give me a buzz and I'll hope on a plane BOL

  9. I like pouncing on leaves too! And that slide looks super fun!

  10. What a fun time, Ranger! You are the cutest guy!

    Susan and Wrigs


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