Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Raindrops Keep Fall'n on My Head

Weather pup forecast:  Cloudy with a chance of rain.

Today when I went into my yard to play, I spied something new.   
Now what do we have here?   I better check it out.

Did you click on my video?  How much fun was that?  I may have to make more videos.  

Mom… can we flip it over again?   Maybe if I hide under it, I won't get my fur coat all wet.
Now that is better.

Woohoo! This red and white cover really works.

Yeah Mom, I see water on top of this thing and I'm kinda thirsty.  
What do you think?  How can I get the water down here?

I'll have to think on this for awhile.
Now I just need to find something to keep my paws dry.   
Maybe I should get some puppy booties.
Chow for now. 


  1. That was great Ranger, just enough Scottie to be curious, but not over done, boy are you learning the ropes.

    Your Furends
    Susie & Bites

  2. Better watch out!! That thing may just take off and take you with it. You do look mighty cute under it though!!


  3. Aww... Cute video, looking inquisitive. I don't really mind the rain much myself.

  4. Very cute Ranger. Looks like you do not like the rain either. Simon Henry (black) & Gordon (wheaten) CT Scotties.


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