Thursday, August 16, 2012

Puppy Tooth Fairy - part 2

Yippy !!!!!   The Puppy Tooth Fairy came to my house last night and I didn't even hear her.  Look what she brought me.
Woohoo!!  It's a Bone !!!!! 

This bone is very cold.
The Puppy Tooth Fairy is really cool and she left her calling card.

The closer I look at it and smell it, it seems kinda
I wonder if I've seen a bone like this before.

I'm going to take it over to the corner so that no-one will take it away from me.   
Wow… it is heavy (and cold).   It is also kinda hard to pick up.
This is Pawsome.  I really like gnawing on this big bone.  

Mom decided that maybe I should chew on my new bone on the back porch so she moved it out there.   Now I can chew on my bone aaaaaaaaand keep an eye out for squirrels in my back yard.    My day job is Squirrel Patrol but I think I'll take the day off to gnaw on my new bone.    All this bone gnawing will take my full attention.
Yummmmmmmmm.    This is the best treat ever! 
I just remembered…. my Obedience School teacher gave me a bone just like this one. I only got to gnaw on it for a little bit (at school) and then she took it back.   Hummmmmmmm…. I wonder if she has 2 jobs.  By day a Teacher and by night, the Puppy Tooth Fairy.

Arrrrrrrrrooooo.     Mom just found another one of my teeth laying in my bed.    
More bones?????   I wonder how many teeth I have?

Chow for now.   I've got some serious gnawing to do.


  1. OMD - we love, love, loooooooove those bones! Enjoy it Ranger!
    Wallace & Samuel

  2. Looks like you've hit the bone jackpot buddy! If you get a bone for every tooth you lose... Well, you do the sums...

  3. Hellooooo Ranger ~ Gosh Dern it I think you are keeping the tooth fairy busy! You're so darn lucky I never got nothing when my puppy teeth fell out. Even if the tooth fairy is moonlighting she is doing a doggone good job for you!
    Sweet William The Scot


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