Monday, September 26, 2022

Monday Morning Walkies (+ a fun challenge)

I just love my morning walkies wiff Mom.  

We have lots of new things to explore (and smell) in my new hood.  

Today we discovered Solstice Park.   

It's a small park wiff three big rings.    

Hummmmm.....   are dey magical rings?  

Are dey a part of an agility course?    

Did aliens leave dem? 

Not sure but dey are pretty pawsome.  

I checked out and marked all three of dem sooooo,,,,  I think I'll call dem "Ranger Rings".  BOL.

Can't wait to see what we find on our next walkie!


Pees..... Did you know dat Wednesday, Sept 28th is "Ask a Stupid Question Day"?    

Da Challenge:  Join me wiff an Ask your Stupid Question postie on 9/28 and see all da answers you get in your comments.     Sound like fun?



  1. Those Ranger Rings are pawsome indeed. Well done for claiming them as your very own!

  2. That looks like a nice park for a walk. Was there lots of other pee mail on those rings? We think it's a great place for all the pups around to leave messages for each other there.

  3. we love the name and you are now da lord of the rings ;O)

  4. Perhaps those rings have to do with the changing seasons?


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