Monday, August 14, 2017

Wacky Holiday Challenge - National Creamsicle Day & Mischief Monday

Yippy!!!!   Today is National Creamsicle Day!


I've never had a Creamsicle, butt Mom says dat when she was a kid, da Ice Cream man would come in his his musical truck and give dem out.   Can you image dat?  Dat sounds like heaven to me!

A creamsicle is a  frozen dessert also owned by on the same flat wooden stick.   It is made as a single flat bar with a rounded end. The center is vanilla ice cream, covered by a layer of flavored ice.   When Mom was a wee tike, dey only had orange ones.

Hummmm...... doesn't taste like a cream sickle.
 Well.... we didn't have any creamsicles in da house so instead Mom gave me dis instead  ==>

Whenever Mom orders my foodables, she also sneaks in a new toy for me.
Foodables, snacks, and toy delivery.

Now... Mom isn't da best shopper and doesn't always read da large print.  

What was she thinking.  I don't weigh 50+ lbs!

I like it anyway (cuz I like to think dat I'm a Big Dog).
Fits in my big mouth pawfertly!

I think I'll sleep wiff my new creamsickle tonight.


Pees.... tomorrow is Relaxation Day.   Not sure how I will manage dat, wiff my cousin Messi visiting me.   He likes to wrestle so it can be exhausting.


  1. happy creamsicle day!! I love your toy... and wow I nearly have that weight what the package said ;o)

  2. What a GREAT toy Ranger...looks like you can haf lots of funs wiv that
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. When that creamsicle melts, you'll have a big mess.

  4. My mom buys big boy toys for me also as us Scotties have very big teeth.

  5. It's kinda Creamsicle colored, at least? And it looks like fun!

  6. Momma says Whitley used to luv big toys.

  7. We are so tired from our weekend that we are getting a head start on relaxation day
    Hazel & Mabel

  8. Ahhhh....SHE remembers that truck...the sound of its bell, mad scramble for coins to get to the road before it passed by. Creamsicles, Rockets.....
    We have a truck that comes by on warm evenings, but it is soft ice cream...

    PS. Scotties have large mouths, so we usually get big stuff, too.

  9. Doesn't sound like you'll be getting any relaxation tomorrow, Ranger! Better postpone it for after Messi leaves!
    Your Mum sure is NICE to you Ranger! She's always buying you goodies! A Creamsicle will put inches on your svelt figure anyway!
    Our mum thought dat Creamsicles (still) came in orange only like in da "Olden Days"----wait she doesn't know if a Creamsicle is da same as a Dreamsicle--she hasn't had one in such a long time..(not since the world was still a sane place).
    Have fun with Messi tomorrow!
    We loves you, Ranger!!
    Riley-Puppy, Tessie-Girl, Jackie-Scottie

  10. Our mom remembers the ice cream truck that came to her house. She said that if a confection did not have chocolate in it, it wasn't worth eating. Enjoy your new toy.

  11. Hi there Ranger!
    You're the first fellow Scottie I've found on Blogland and I'm so glad I came across you! I'm really enjoying all your adventures.. the Creamsicle sounds so yummy! I also love playing with the packaging of new toys.. I love getting my fangs around anything that crinkles or crackles. Morrie


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