Friday, December 4, 2015

Santa Paws' List Day

Today is Santa Paws' List Day and I'm Hosting a Blog Hop.    I hope you join in.
Here's what ya gotta do:  Post your letter to Santapaws and convince him dat you were Nice.   Then tell Santapaws what you want for Christmas and join da Blog hop.

Santa Paws.      Look...... he has a beard, like me, butt his is white!

Dear Santa Paws,
I know dat you have lots of furkids to keep an eye on, but I think you should know dat overall, I've been a really good boy dis year.   

  • I always eat all of my food (I don't waste any of it).
  • I've only tinkled in da house a couple of times (but dat wasn't my fault... I was way too excited playin' wiff Mom).
  • I've only dug a few holes (but I was diggin to rid my yard of moles/voles).
  • I've worked real hard to make Mom exercise (walk me).    I must confess dat I have been pulling' more dan I should on my leash but dat is just cuz Mom doesn't walk fast enough.
  • I always play nice wiff my furfriends and share my toys and water bowl (just ask Finn and Wally).
  • I've sent up loads of POTPs for my ailing furfriends and dar peeps.
  • and I think dat I've made my furfriends laugh and smile.

Dat said, here's what I want for Christmas.

  1. Good health for all my furfriends and dar peeps.
  2. A new tug toy.
  3. A new stuffie.
  4. Some cookies/treats.

Now..... join in on my Blog Hop.


  1. That is a pawsome list. We know Santa is going to make your dreams come true. Thanks so much for hosting this blog hop!

  2. Aww, Ranger, that is a super letter to Santa. I think you accomplished everything on that list and that you should get exactly what you ask for!

  3. What a grreat letter! You're SURE to get everything you ask for. (And hey, aren't you supposed to be on your own Blog Hop?)

  4. What a grreat letter! You're SURE to get everything you ask for. (And hey, aren't you supposed to be on your own Blog Hop?)

  5. I'm sure Santa loves a few holes in the back yard :o) I'm sure he will bring all things from your list... and the cookies will be the bestest ever :o)

  6. Hey Ranger...I'm very proud of you for being such a good Scottie....for sure you'll get extraspecial treats from Sandy Pawz. thank you for hosting this fun event
    Hugs madi your bfff

  7. You forgot to tell Santa to take especially good care of Stuart.

  8. What a great list, Ranger!! We hope Santa Paws brigs you everything you ask for!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bibo

  9. THANK YOU RANGER.... THANK YOU fur doing this fur US... so we could get our Very Much Impawtant letters off to the Jolly ol' Self...
    WE are especially thanking you since THIS year we did Chews to GIVE rather than to receive ...!!! Just sayin. Tis the SEASON fur GIVING, Isn't it??? and We do have so MANY... ummm we mean SO MUCH.
    We are gonna GIVE and GIVE to the UNFORTUNATE ones... Yes we are..
    We are in the Hop... Butt admit that in our EXUBERANCE ... we sort of Furgot to put a LINK to You.
    Our Bad... guess we are also just a tad out of practice... BOL

  10. Sorry I missed your fun hop little buddy, but I was having too much fun at the botanical gardens. You HAVE been a VERY good boy, because I've received your POTP. Thanks for that my friend. The peeps' too. Stu

  11. Oh Ranger what I want Santa Paws to do for me is to stop the telemarkerters from ringing my phone number.
    I think that is a very simple request.
    Happy Holidays
    Sweet William The Scot

  12. Thanks for hosting this impawtent Hop Ranger. I like your letter to Santa and I hope he likes mine!
    Bailey & Hazel too

  13. What a lovely letter to Santa Paws! You're sure to get what you want this year!

  14. We are hoping for great health for ll of our friends, It has been a tough year for our fur friends and we wish them good health and happiness. The same for the fur parents. Sidney and Shelby would like for Sophie to let them live a quiet and peaceful life. They miss it.

  15. we are sorry we missed the hope - Mom had a post scheduled for today as she was at the hospital having test today - but we loved your list but you forgot one thing - a little brother or sister :)

  16. We think you were exceptionally GOOD, and we know Santy Paws will bring you everything you want! We really love your letter to Santa! You always keep us entertained with your great pictures of your ADVENTURES and "Antics", We think you are PAW-SOME!
    Licks and AR-r-r--o-o-o-o-o-s

  17. Yesterday got kind of busy but Mom helped me get my letter to Santa posted today.

    Abby Lab

  18. You are very good, we hope you get everything on your list.


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