Sunday, April 12, 2015

No Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's

Who is dis yawing, you ask?
It's Mom.   

She is besides herself cuz she isn't getting all her beauty sleep and it's all my doing.

WHAT ???
Ya see, for da past few weeks, I've be jingling my tags in da middle of da night (sometimes twice a night) to wake her up and let me outside.    Yep... at 2/3am and at 5/6am, I wake her up and make her let me outside so I can pee.  

Sometimes I even get to chase a bunny and make lots of high pitched yipping while I run after da bunny.   Mom doesn't like dat cuz she doesn't want me to wakey, wakey da neighbors and I refuse to come back in right away.

Now she even puts my leash on and walks me out in my yard until I pee (usually right away) and den brings me right back into the house so she can go back to bed.

Earlier dis week she was crazed and took me to da Dogster.    Da Dogster took a pee sample and a poop sample.   She also took an X-ray of my bladder (lookin for stones).
Results:   No bladder stones.   Pee looked okay too... wiff only a few tiny crystals (no biggy from a Dogster's perspective).     So...  no problem found.   She suggested dat I start eating some new urinary track food to help break down da tiny crystals as they may be irritating my bladder.     I like da new food (den again, I like any food) but Mom is still concerned for her beauty sleep.     I'm still getting her up twice a night and she is ready to pull her hair out.    Now dat should be cool.

Truth be told, I think dat she is worried about me and not sure what to do next.    She says dat maybe she should get some blood-work done (yikes) and have dem look at my kidneys.    I wish she'd stop worrying about her beauty sleep.   I think she looks fine (for a human).    I think dat Mom should just take a nap in da middle of da day (like me).

She wanted to ask me if you have any suggestions or ideas why I changed my sleeping patterns?

Pees..... This is a new Dogster.   Mom favorite Dogster went to another practice (cross-river).


  1. Oh No Ranger! we are kinda doing the same thing here. Bailey is not sleeping well. they did determine he has a UTI and he is on antibiotics but he is still uncomfortable. Mom is not getting any beauty sleep either
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  2. Oh dear Ranger and us too but because we hear the fox outside. She isn't happy about it. Have a serene and easy Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Maybe you are hearing something that is waking you up. That has happened here. Hope you solve the problem soon so everyone gets their sleep. (Cause if your mom is at all like our Lady, you really don't want her to get behind on the sleep thingy - it isn't pretty).

  4. We think it's the rabbits waking you up!

  5. I have the opposite problem it's mom that has been waking up to go pee and keeping me from my beauty sleep. BOL

    Aroo to you,

  6. I bet it are da bunnies - chasin bunnies in da middle of da night sure are fun.

  7. We think it might be the bunnies too! Stanley does this sometimes and when mom told dad to stop letting him out then he no longer would wake up dad. Sometimes I wake up dad but it is to look for cats.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. we bet you can hear them bunnies twitching their whispers - just tempting you to come out and barks at them :)

  9. our mom picks up the water after 7PM. It might be Cushings. Do you drink a lot more water than you ever did before? She had a Scottie that had crystals many years ago and gave her a urinary acidifier and never had a problem again.

  10. You're too young for all that medical stuff.

  11. Uncle Fergus had Kushings and he used to drink LOTS of water and pee LOTS... Maybe your peep should keep track of how much waters you are drinking?

  12. Oh man! You don't wanna be messin' with the Moms sleepin' schedule! They tend to gets mighty cranky if they don't gets all their beauty sleeps!!! I agree, I thinks you;re hearin' those fricken bunnies, and you are just protectin' your territory! Then again, I always pee in the middle of the night, so I can't help you there!
    I hopes it's just a phase.....til the bunnies leave
    Ruby ♥

  13. I need two night patrols too...but there is no medical problem, it's just boring to sleep the whole night and because it is dark I need a doggy-guard in my back yard, think my dad would like to read about a solution too LOL
    easy rider

  14. We think its the bunnies too. We wake up our mommy. And when she lets us out - never fail - there is a bunny waiting to get chased!

  15. If we only wake Her up twice a night something is probably wrong BOL! Sometimes we go out because it's necessary, sometimes because it's imperative. Most times it involved noises and things that go bump in the night. She gets mighty frustrated with us because we can be very insistent. When that happens, She just opens the door and goes back to bed. We think that it's probably the bunnies. We hope your Mom gets some sleep soon…ours has given up.

  16. Gee....I dont know. My mom loves her sleep too and I sure dont even...think about going out during the night. I would get the stink eye from her!!


  17. Well Lee's three Scots have never had to go out at night unless something was wrong. Something has definitely changed. If it were me Lee would probably take me back to the vet. I put up the post showing the gifts I got for being the winner of the Scavenger Hunt. Thanks Ranger, I love my presents.
    Sweet William The Scot

  18. Every now and then I get up too. Mostly because I smell something that needs chasing or the pawrents forgot to pick up my water bowl and I a late night cocktail!

  19. Guinness has Cushings Disease and Mom realized he was peeing (accidents in the house but don't tell as he is embarrassed about that) and drinking lots of water. The normal tests did not confirm 100% so he was off to an internist specialist. But they did all the other tests too to rule out bad bad things like the C words. He was 9 when this went down and is taking 10 mg of Vetroyl three times a day. He will be 11 on May 2 and it is under control now. Ask your dogtor about Cushings. POTP as your Mom does do better with getting all her beauty sleep.

  20. Id say blame it on the squirrels!! Moms are kinda sensitive when they loose their beauty sleep.



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