Saturday, March 15, 2014

Let the Race begin - Race: Juniors Class

Hello Sports Fans!
Finn and Wally here and we will be your 'Junior Class' Race announcers.  
Arrrrrrrroooooo….. TESTing 1-2-3.
Arrrrrrrroooooo….. TESTing 1-2-3.
We are flying high above the race track in the Scottie blimpmobile on this beautiful sunny day.  
Purrrrrrrfect conditions for this racing event.

Now, we have two grrrrrreat races lined up for you today, starting off wiff our Junior Group which is made up of 1 - 5 yr olds.  Later in the day will be our Senior Group (6+ yrs old) which will be hosted by Stuart (da other Barkday boy).

So… let's get started!

In lane #1 we have Daisy
Daisy is our youngest racer (1 yr old) and a real speed demon.
She has been breaking all sorts of speed records in the puppy trials.
In lane #2 we have Ranger 'Danger'
Ranger is da Barkday Boy (2 yrs old) and itchin to burn up the pavement.
In lane #3 we have Greta
Greta is 2 yrs old and is so pretty in pink.  
Her racin strategy is to stay out front so she doesn't have to eat any dirt.
In lane #4 we have Misaki.
Misaki is also 2 yrs old and loves to race in her souped-up bumper car.
Warning:   If you're in her way… she might just bump you in to the wall.
In lane #5 we have Murphy.
And in lane #6 we have Stanley (Murphy's brother)
Des (2 yr old) Doddle brothers are very competitive and if dey work together, we may just have a photo finish.

In lane #7 we have Sweet William
William is 3 yrs old and is joined by his pit crew Bentley and Gailen.
He is not takin and chances of losin time to a flat tire.
In lane #8 we have our Downunder darlings Bella & Roxy
Bella is nearly 5 and Roxy is nearly 3.  Dis duo will be hard to beat. 
In lane #9 we have Shelby
Shelby is 4 yrs old and loves to cruise in the fresh air.
Don't be fooled by dat smile… Shelby is a scot and is a born competitor.
Lastly, we have Easy in lane #10
Easy is also a 4 yr old and his car is firing on all cylinders.
He's a bit mad, so anything is possible wiff dis frenchie.
Oh my…. dis is sooooooooo exciting!   Can you hear the roar of the engines on the starting line?

Vrooooom! VrooooooOOOOOOooommm!

Oh look… da Pace Car is now out on the track.

And yes, Ms. Kyla is driving our pace car.
Dar will be no false starts on her watch!
You don't wanta cheat on dis gal.
Kyla:  Follow me racers!
Are you ready?

Mollie, our Official (and beautiful) 'Race Starter' is ready to get this race rollin.
Get Set….. GO!
Der's the flag and the race is on! 

Murphy is off to a quick start and was first over the starting line.
The Barkday boy Ranger is right on his tail.
Woooooooh….. Greta is makin her move and just passed Ranger.
Bella and Roxy are right behind Ranger.   Her biggest fans (Frankie & Ernie) are cheering dem on.
Woohoo…. look at the girls go !!!!

Stanley is chasing the Downunder babes and tryin to pass dem.
Shelby and Daisy are neck to neck in sixth place.
Sweet William and his crew are right behind the girls and Misaki is happily cruising in 9th place.
But… what happened to Easy?   Easy couldn't take his eyes off our Race Starter and stalled his engine.  He's got a lot of ground to make up.

So…. after 1 lap here are the standings.
Murphy, Gerta, Ranger, Bella & Roxy, Stanley, Shelby, Daisy, Sweet William, Misaki, and Easy is currently in last place.

Wow… dis is a great race!

Lap #2
Murphy is still out front.
Stanley just passed Bella & Roxy
Oh my….. Greta just overtook Murphy and is currently in 1st place.
The Pug Ranch team's cheering section has der own tee shirts!
Ranger is makin his move and just passed Murphy too.
Daisy just took the lead over Shelby and is moving in on Bella & Roxy.
Shelby is still ahead of Sweet William and crew.   Perhaps the weight of his crew is holding him back.
Misaki is still happily cruising in 9th place.
And Easy got his car going and is currently catchin up to Misaki.

After 2 laps the standing are:
Greta, Ranger, Murphy, Stanley, Bella & Roxy, Daisy, Shelby, Sweet William, Misaki, and Easy last place.

Lap 3
Ranger just passed Greta.
Stanley passed his brother Murphy.   
Bella and Roxy just passed Stanley and Murphy.   Those gal can sure drive.
Wow…. Daisy (our youngest racer) just flew by Murphy.
Sweet William also just passed Murphy.
Shelby is now neck and neck with Murphy.
Look out….. Easy just flew by Misaki,  Murphy and Shelby.
Misaki is still happily cruising in last place.

The standings after lap 3 are:
Ranger, Greta, Bella & Roxy, Stanley, Daisy, Sweet William, Easy, Murphy, Shelby, and Misaki is currently in last place.

Lap 4
Wow…. dis race is close.
Easy is still gaining ground an just flew by Sweet William and Daisy.
Oh no!!! It looks like Sweet William is having some tire problems again.   He pulled into the pit and his crew, Bentley and Gailen, are changing his tire wiff the help of Kaci & Kali.
Kaci & Kali are so happy to finally have a customer.
Bella & Roxy just passed Greta and are now in 2nd place.
Squirrel just flew past Easy.  S-Q-U-I-R-R-E-L?
Yikes!   Dar's a squirrel on da track!
The entire back field is really shaken by this development.  Daisy, Murphy and Shelby just drove off the field.
Misaki shouted 'I'll handle dis'!   WOW…. Misaki just put her paw to floor and flew past everyone and drove up right next to Squirrel and…….. she bumped him right of the track!  I've never seen anything like it.   What a girl!  She's my hero!

The standings after lap 4 are:
Ranger, Bella & Roxy, Greta, Stanley, Misaki, Easy, Daisy, Murphy, Shelby, and Sweet William and his crew are takin a snack break. 
Pit crew snacks.

Lap 5
The final lap.
Sweet William and his crew are out of the pit and back on the track.
Daisy, Murphy and Shelby are also back on the track and re-gaining ground.   They all just passed Misaki!
Greta is on the move again on the final streatch.   She just passed Bella & Roxy and is now neck to neck with Ranger.
Oh my…. dis is going to be close!

And the final results are:
Greta crosses the finish line 1st and is the WINNER!
She is followed by Ranger, Bella & Roxy, Stanley, Easy, Daisy, Murphy,  and Shelby. 
Misaki happily finishes in 9th place 
And Sweet William and his crew are out lookin for some more pit foodables.

Congrats Greta!

Don't miss our Senior Race over at Stuart's blog.   We're all off to cheer on the Seniors.
See ya later at the refreshments tent.  Come and have some cake with us.



  1. Congrats Greta you ran a fast paced race.
    Sweet William The Scot

  2. What fun Congrats to Greta and all the racers. Wait till I have a word with Gailen about eating on the job.

  3. Vroom, vroom way to go and congratulations to Greta. Those sure were some thrills. Brilliant to see all our racing dudes Ranger.
    Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. wooohooo Greta!!!! Conpugulations! How bad that I had my eyes at the wrong place as we started. Next time I close my eyes on the startline... butt wait, that's not really the solution, huh? Thanks to the whole Dogtona-Team and to you for a fabulous event!

  5. OMD OMD OMD! I can't believe I won! that was sooo much fun. I LOVE going fast!! Wahoo! Thanks to my crew and my sponsors for building me such a PINK car and thanks to my brother Bailey for cheering me on
    and most of all
    Thanks to the birthday boys Ranger & Stuart!
    now I am off to root for Hazel in the Senior race

  6. OMC that was exciting! And there was a SQUIRREL on the track!!!! We all about jump off the couch at that one! Yeah Greta! Thanks for the exciting commentary Ranger! Can't wait for the next race!
    Marty and the Gang

  7. OMD OMD it was the MOSTEST EXCITING thingy we have ever seen!! OMD OMD CONGRATULATIONS GRETA you ATE up the Track in that Pink Car. OH MY .... the SQUIRREL that tried to WRECK the RACE... Thank Dawgness we had an ALERT Driver who Dispatched THAT Horror SPEEDY Quick!!! BRAVO fur THAT..
    AND ERNIE is THRILLED that HIS ROXY and Sister Bella did SO WELL. You know they had to learn to drive on the CORRECT side.. just to BE in the Race... SO BRAVO to THEM as Well. Ernie is down by the Pit... Lovin up His Lady.
    OMD we just LOVED it ALL. The EXCITEMENT the NOISE the DRAMA the BIRFDAY Dogtona races are gonna be remembered fur 87 years.
    WE think that EVERY Driver and Team... are WINNERS!!!!

  8. Wowwie! This is the most exciting race mes seen in a long time! Look at those cars go!!!! Concatulations to Greta, mes going to has to sees if mes can buy her car!!! And Happy Birthday Ranger!!!

  9. Holy Moly what a super race, Well done Greta, wez can't wait'z wait for the next.Happy Birthday again Ranger and Stuart and for putting on a super duper fun event xxxoxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  10. That was an intense race! Me and Stanley had a great time. Congrats to Greta! Let's do this again!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. CONGRATS TO GRETA!!!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!! What a gal! That was quite an excitin' race!!! I thoughts that tree rat was gonna ruin everythings!! Nice Misaki!
    Nows, where are the foodables??!
    Ruby ♥

  12. Yay! Hip, hip AArrrooooooooo! That was GREAT! Now we're heading over to the food tents.

    Congratulations, Greta. You're incredible.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  13. Hey congrats to that sweet gal Greta! Wooohoooo! What a pawesome race. Everyone looks fabulous and the cars are super-amazing sets of wheels. This is such a fun day. Great job everyone!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Race Fan

  14. You guys really know how to throw a party. Congrats to Greta on her win. We had a whole bunch of fun watching everything. Thanks again.

  15. Happy Birthday Ranger. This was a pawsome race. It kept us on the edge of our seat, and when we saw that squirrel, we were barking like mad in the crowd.

  16. OMD!!! That was PAAAAAAWSOME racing!!! Well done Greta!
    Wally & Sammy

  17. Wow what a grreat Race! I have to get my gear on and run over to Stuarts for the Senior Race. Congrats to Greta!

  18. Woohoo!! Congrats, Greta, you show them that grrl power!

  19. I may have lost, but I had a fab time doing it:-)


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