Thursday, February 20, 2014

Messy yards

I've been really busy since out BIG Queen of Hearts Dance.    I had a great time and I'd like to say AROOOOOOOoooooo to all the organizers (especially our beautiful Mayoress Madi).

So what has been keepin me so busy?  
Well, after dat 2nd ice storm, I headed out to inspect the damage in my hood.   Ya see… da freezing rain caused da tall southern pines branches to get really heavy and then crash down to da ground.    
Oh my…. look at all the branches dat crashed at my neighbors house.
OMD…. dis one is really biggy.
I think dey are gonna need some help movin dis one.

A few days later…. our weather heated up and I headed out to our back yard to help Mom and Aunty D pick up all da debris.  

Mom….. I need help moving dis one.
It's a bit too biggy for me to move by myself.

Mom… I got dis branch under control.
I'll just run and add it to the pile.

All done…. and you'll never believe dis….. our high temps today are gonna be in the 70s.   Crazy cool.


Pees…. our new kitchen is all done.  Dey finished it yesterday (under my snoopervision). No more paws on the cardboard.  Mom is very happy.


  1. OUR yards are big ole messes also and now today, all day we are having severe thunderstorms....we miss going outside for walks so much.
    stella rose

  2. Woof-hoo! I am so glad it is warming up finally! You did an excellent job helping to inspect and clean up!
    *high paws*

  3. No problem. The storm just eliminated some more squirrel habitat.

  4. WE are so Glad that the Kitchen is back to NORMAL and that you don't have the Cardboard to walk on any longer...
    WOW you REALLY did make that backyard Clean up EASY PEASY.... THEY would NEVER have gotten all the Downed Sticks picked up withOUT your help. Hope you got some Super TREATS fur your fine efforts.

  5. What would your Mom do without all your hard dogervising ?

  6. I'm so glad your mom has such a super helper. Ranger you are really a good boy. I'm glad you helped to finish the new kitchen too, maybe you will have a big kitchenwarming party with a lot of food?

  7. Great job on clean up Ranger! I hope that you and your mom will give us a tour of your new kitchen!

    Edgar and his mum

  8. Good job Snoop-paw-vising Ranger and glad you kicked butt to get the kitchen finished. Glad the storm has passed now. Crazy weather everywhere. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. You are such a big help. I bet you saved mom a lit of time cleaning u all those sticks

  10. Glad you did a great job on the home front. Missed you Ranger.

  11. How lucky your momma is to have you to help out!

  12. We hope you remembered to leave some pee-mail on all those branches...just so every dog knows you have inspected the damage.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  13. Glad u r there to clean up those branches. Did u say 70 degrees. What. Guess u dont have to worry about snowfreaks in your neighborhood.

  14. Glad you all are safe, and glad you were there to help with the clean up--What would they have done without you? Stay cool!! :-)

  15. Pawsome job there Ranger!! If you need my help I thinks I could take care of that big ole stick for ya! Just my size!
    Well, I might need some help from Goose, butts I'm sure between the two of us, we could have your hood cleaned up in NO time!!
    Ruby ♥
    pees: WoooHoooo abouts your kitchen!! I hopes you take us on a tour!

  16. Goodness me what a mess did a pawsome job of cleaning up though well done :) hugs Fozziemum xx

  17. Excellent job Ranger, your mom must be so pleased to have you around to help.
    Wally & Sammy

  18. Wow you have been busy with yard clean up and new kitchen snoopervision!! Hope you've got a relaxing weekend planned!!

  19. Ranger that was great that you helped clear up your neighbors yard from the tree crash....those pines are messy! Hope you didn't get any of that sticky on your furs! Aren't you glad that you now have a gourmet kitchen available to cater to your EVERY need now??? Snacks on demand??? Way cool!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  20. Swoooonnnn...Ranger in a coat and running with a stick? Yes, please! I can't wait to see your new kitchen and all the features that will produce tasty snacks!

  21. Our park is a mess with all the fallen trees, I think I could do with your help clearing it up :-)


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