Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fall Fun - Leaf'n & the Blower

We have had lots of wind lately and it is starting to get cold.   My yard has lots of leaves on it and sometimes when I go outside it is raining leaves.   I love to chase and snatch the leaves and then… wait for it…  I like to eat them.

Maybe we should make "Leaf Snatching"
a new pet Olympic sport.
I'm looking for that perfect leaf to eat.
Yesterday, Aunty D got out the wind machine and blew all my leaves around the yard and into a big pile.

Mom took some more videos (as y'all seem to really like videos) of my chase'n, snatch'n, and chomp'n on the blowing leaves.  Did you notice my new "southern talk"?

Video 1

 Video 2

I hope you enjoy my latest videos and snatch some leaves for yourself.

Chow for now,
                          Ranger (y'all's favorite fiber pup)


  1. Don't you just love scrunching around the leaves - it is the best fun and you look so cute doing it!

  2. We don't get leaves. I'd attack the blower like I do for the monsters inside-Horrible Hoover and his sidekick, the evil Dr. Broom.

    1. I forgot, how are things going for you way up in the North?

  3. Y'all make great movies!

  4. A trained Scottie attack dog, now thats something new, we don't eat them either, just run through the pile till they are all about the yard again (Then Dad yells at Us) silly guy, we don't listen, we are Scotties.

    Your Pals
    Susie & Bites

    Pees; you have WAY to much fun by yourself, time for the peeps to get a buddy for you, ARE WE RIGHT?

  5. BOL! OMD ~ you must have some 'interesting' poopies! Everytimes I try to eat a leaf, Ma says, "Drop", and that's that. I do love attacking the leaf blower thou! It's really funs!


  6. We think you're very brave for being that close to that noisy thing! Looks like catching leaves could be fun.

    XXXOOO Daisy,Bella & Roxy

  7. I love playing with the leaves too - super fun!

  8. What great fun!!! You've given us an idea for next year! :-)

  9. Leaves = roughage...you must have the cleanest digestive system for miles *BOL* Love your videos Ranger - you are getting so big and so cute!

  10. That looks like it could be fun if it wasn't so loud! It sound like vacula and I don't like vacula!

  11. Fun times, fun times. Scotties always make gardening more fun.

  12. Wow looks like you have had the most fun ever - I will have to try it!!

  13. How thoughtful of your Aunt D to blow all the leaves at you like that! You're very brave to stand your ground in the face of that noisy contraption, Ranger! We hope you don't get tummy aches from eating too many leaves.

    Susan and Wrigs


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