Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Letter to my Paw Pal

Today is Write a Letter to your Paw Pal Day.
What?   You wanta steal my yaptop?

Move over Ranger, today I'm commandeering your blog so I can tell the world how much you mean to me and join in on da "Letter To Paw Pal" blog hop.

Don't worry, I promise not to leave my sticky fingerprints all over your keyboard.   You can blog again tomorrow.   I promise.

Dear Ranger Pal,
The first three months of 2012 were hard for me.   In January, I loss my beloved scottie MacGuyver and then in March, I loss my Dad.   I was heartbroken.  
One day, when I was googling scottie puppies, I found Jane Heron in Raeford, NC.   She had a litter of sweet scottie pups.  

I met with Jane and that was the 1st time that I saw you.     You had 2 brothers and 5 sisters.   I chose you.  Hum.... now that I think about it, maybe you chose me.   Thank you for choosing me to be your Mom.

When you were a wee bit bigger, I finally got to bring you home with me.  How could I not fall in love with that sweet face, that little milk lip, and your nice little butt?

You have brought so much joy and laughter into our home.    I can't think of a day that has gone by without you making me laugh.
My little clown.

You are also my favorite little beach bun.     I love how excited you get whenever we go to the beach.   You excitement is infectious.

There is no one I'd rather take a walk on the beach with.     I am constantly amazed at how many perfect strangers stop to introduce themselves to you.

It's all about the sandy nose.
Now I thought that I'd let you some more reasons why I love you.
  • I love that you bang your paws on the side of my bed to wake me up in the morning.
  • I love that you are always excited to see me.
  • I love when you give me that "please walk me look".   
  • I love that you are always excited to go for a ride in the car or a ride in your bike trailer.
  • I love that you jump up on your photography chair whenever you see me with a box for you and a camera.
  • I love that you let me know when it is 5:00pm (dinnertime) and pester me until I feed you.
  • I love that you grab a stuffie, run up to the TV,  jump up and down whenever you see a Dog or Cat or any 4 legged friend on TV.
  • I love when you let me grab a hug from you.
  • I love that when I call you in from outside, you just sit there and stare at me.   After I close the door, you run to it so I can let you in.  (maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that one).
Thank you for all the joy and laughter.
Love really is a 4 legged Word.
You are MY BPP (Best Puppy Pal) and have left your Paw-prints on my Heart.

Love ya Batman,

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