Thursday, April 16, 2020


Arrrrrrrroooooooo!   Today is da Downunder Daisy's ISO-lympics!

I entered da:

The Great Toilet Paper Roll Race 
Yep, they are still holding the Great Toilet Paper Roll Race.   Even wiff da shortage of supplies, they managed get enough rolls to hold dis historic event.   (Da organizers traded dog poop bags for rolls of TP.)   I'm going for da gold.

I got my roll and I'm ready for da race to start!

Checking out da competition.

OMD.... dat is Messi.  
He is famous for his paw-work.
Could be major competition.
Da whistle blew and da race was on!   

It was nose to nose for awhile and I really thought dat I would win (I do have a big nose), but Messi's pawsome paw-work won da day.

High Paw Messi !!!

It was a good race and I came in second.
No worries, we all got to take home a roll TP for pawticipating.

We also even got some 
TP Cake to celebrate the day.

I'm exhausted from racing.

Pees..... don't tell anyone, butt I managed to snag some extra TP.   Mom is so proud of me.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Gator sighting

We had some excitement on Easter Sunday.   Mom got a text from a neighbor who lives further up the canal, dat they had spotted a Gator in da canal and it was heading down the canal (toward our backyard).  

We went outside to see if we could spot it and our neighbor across da canal said dat he saw it earlier as it headed up the canal.   Mom told him dat another neighbor (up canal) said it was heading back our way.
Other canal neighbors were also outside waiting to catch a glimpse of Mr. Gator.

Which way did dat Gator go?

Mom got her binoculars and eventually we saw him swim by.   It was all very exciting.

I guess Spring is Gator season.


Pees.... I'm so glad dat my yard is fenced in so I can appear brave.   We're supposed to get some severe weather today so I'll have to pretend to be brave again.   My job is never done.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Easter

Dis isn't da Easter Hat what I wanted.
Don't know what Mom was thinkin?   
It's really hard to get good help.

And now for your Easter Flash Survey: 


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