Thursday, October 11, 2018

Da Wind in my Furs - Michael

TS Michael has arrived and we're getting bands of rain and lots of wind.  

I kinda like da wind blowing through my furs.... it's wet paws dat I'm not too fond of.

We're all praying dat everyone's roof tarps hold and dat da trees weakened by Florence do not topple.   Some power outages nearby, butt we still have power (so far.. so good).

We have a Tornado Watch.  I like me some wind, but not a tornado.  We're on da east side of the storm and dat's the side dat gets da most tornados.

Here are da weather Alerts in my area:

Sending huge paw prays to all dos affected by Florence & Michael.

Stay strong y'all.


Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr - Michael

What?   Michael is coming?
OMD... da telly just announce dat more hurricane rain and winds are coming our way (to NC)?  
Dat just isn't right.  

We are all still trying to recover from Florence.   It's still tarp city here (on roofs dat are not fixed), some of our schools are still not open (due to damage) and people are still trying to deal with severe water damage to their homes.    So sad.

I think we need to change channels and get a new weatherman.


Pees..... gotta run out and get more supplies.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Flower Friday (post Hurricane Florence)

Today, I'm joining Jakey for Flower Friday.

Flowers make me happy and we need some happy right now.

Now, here's a bright spot as a result of Flo.

Holy Blooming Lantana!
Trees and flowers rebloom after Florence
By Jesslyn Ferentz | October 3, 2018

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - If the warm temperatures aren’t making it feel like fall outside, the trees and flowers blooming is making it a little hard to believe its October as well.

Hurricane Florence caused extreme stress on the greenery around the area.
Strong winds ripped off bark, snapped limbs off the trees and damaged shrubs and flowers.

In response to the stress, the plant goes into a defense mode, which causes it to bud.

Mom's favorite flower (da Hydrangea)
even has a new bloom.
The blooms will last as long as they would in the spring.
So we will see blooming for a few more weeks for most of the species.

Some of the blooms that we’re seeing are on Dogwood trees, Cherry, Red Bud and even Azaleas!

Hummmm.... I wonder what dees confused plants will do next spring/summer;  butt, for now.... I'm just happy to see something beautiful blooming in my yard.


Pees....  Please keep dos paw prayers coming our way for all of those struggling to re-build dar lives after Hurricane Flo.

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