Monday, September 22, 2014

Da best seat in da house

Mom:  Ranger…. what are you doing?

Me:  Mom… don't you know dat today is da Blogville's Mayoral Debate?  

Mom:  Yeah… but what are you doing sittin in MY chair?  You never sit in my chair.  You only sit on da couch (and that's just's been over da past 4 months).

Me:  Your chair is closer to da TeeVee and my buddy Frankie is on channel 87 WFnE TeeVee.  He is moderating da debate and I have to have a ring side seat for dis historic event.

Mom:  Well then…. I guess it's okay (dis one time).

Hehehe…. dat's what she thinks.    I sit on her chair all da time when she is out of da house.   Don't tell her….. she likes to think dat she is da boss, but we all know better.

Now… pop on over to watch da debate at WFnE TeeVee.  


Saturday, September 20, 2014


I am soooooooooooo excited to be going on my 1st date wiff Daisy to Oktoberfest!

Da pawty is being hosted Casey's & Cinderella and I wanted to impress Daisy so I got me a chauffeur (Mom) and picked her up in style.  Petal faster Mom, I don't wanta be late!

OMD…. she looks soooooooooooooo beautiful.   She hopped on in and we cruised in our convertable to da pawty.

We got to da pawty and were really hungary and thirsty so we headed over to the foodable tent to get a beer.    OMD… dey have PRETZELS !!!!
Nom, nom, nom.
Why is it dat pretzels always taste better wiff beer?
After we filled our bellies, we went over to hear da music and see da dancers.   Daisy really likes to dance so I paid close attention to the other dancers so I could learn da steps (I didn't want to step on her pretty little paws by mistake).

Later in da day, I decided da I really wanted to try to impress Daisy so I tried makin some music on da alpine horn.   It took awhile, but eventually I got enough wind to get a good Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooo out.
It really helps to have a few beers before ya blow dis thing.
I had da bestest of time wiff Daisy at da Oktoberfest pawty.
Now don't forget to pop on over to see all da pawting dat is going on at da BIG OKTOBERFEST PAWTY.

Thank you Casey & Cinder for hosting dis pawty.


Friday, September 19, 2014

Avast ye Swabs

Today is 'Talk Like a Pirate Day'!

Ahoy!  Matteys !

To'morrow is da Big Oktoberfest Pawty (hosted by Casey & Cinderella) and I can't wait to show ye my new lederhosen.   It's gunna be great and I am taken' me buxom beauty Daisy to all the festivities.  She is such a loverly lass.  Dis is our very 1st date and I hope she doesn't laugh at my hosen.   Oh, oh, oh…. I also heard dat Sasha will be doing da foodables and that the grog will be flowing so ye don't wanta miss dis pawty.

                                    Cap'n Blackbeard Ranger

Pees….. while we arrrrr talk'n pirate… Cap-n Dude & One Eyed Da Sus as some really BIG NEWs so pop on over dar matteys.
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