Saturday, September 5, 2015

Red creatures from da Ocean

I love it when Aunty D's son, Eric comes to visit me.   He is really cool and we always have fun together.

He took me on a walk on da beach and you'll never believe what we found.

It is a RED fishy of some kind and it just floated up on da beach in front of us.

Oh.... Eric says dat he knows what it is.
It's a RED Octopus!
Hummm... is James Bond here today?
I got it!  
You know da Scottie rules:  It's all MINE now.

Time to bury it so no one steals it.
You see... dar are a lot of beach bums here.   No... not Eric, he's not a bum.
Maybe I'll un-bury it later and play wiff it some more.   Sounds like a plan.

Have a grrrrrreat Labor Day weekend!


Friday, September 4, 2015

Correction: September 27 is "Make Up Your Own Wacky Holiday"!

Oops..... my yaptop made a mistake.   Da "Make up your Own Wacky Holiday" blog hop will be on Sept 27 (not da 23rd).


Save Da Date - September 27rd

When I did my googling for da Wacky Holidays in September, I noticed dat dar was nothing on September 27rd.     So...... I declared September 27 to be  "Make Up Your Own Wacky Holiday"!

If ya wanta pawticipate, here's what ya gotta do on 9/27:
  1. Make up your own Wacky Holiday.
  2. Do your own blog Post and tell us all about it.  
  3. Join my Blog Hop for "Make Up your Own Wacky Holiday"

Now put your think'n caps on.  I can't wait to see what yawl will come up wiff.
Dis is sure to be FUN, FUN, FUN.


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