Monday, July 21, 2014

Da Big Bat Announcement

Save da date !!
Holy Excitement!

You won't believe dis, but I got special permission to hold a Pawty in da Bat-cave on Friday, August 8th.

Isn't da simply AMAZING?

We can play video games on the master consoles, ride up and down in da Bat-elevator tubies, watch Batman movies in da Bat-theater, and check out all da Bat vehicles.

Oh… and we probably should have to get some foodables and maybe some music.   Don't we have a band out dar?
If you got ideas or wanta help wiff food, music, games, whatever… just let me know.

 Dis is a once in a lifetime experience. 

Holy moly… I almost forgot to tell you to come dressed in your favorite Bat character.   Yep… it's a costume pawty too.   If you wanta come, send me a pic of you dressed as a Bat character by August 1st.   -or-   You can send me a head-shot of you and I'll put you in dat Bat photo-booth to transform you into one of da Bat characters.  
Send your pics to scottierangerATgmailDOTcom by August 1st!

 Holy Wags, 
                                Ranger (aka Bat-dog)

Pees…. Thank you Waggfoods, for suggesting we have a pawty in da Bat-cave.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Flashback Friday - Ears up!

Baby Ranger  (5 weeks old)

Holy Puppy!

Five weeks old and I already have my wee little Bat-ears up.

Have a grrrrrrreat Friday!

                Baby Batdog

Pees….. I have a really big bat announcement on Monday.   I'll send up da Bat signal.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Not Wordless Wednesday. Not Batman?

My good buddy Braeden told me dat I might not be Batman.   So I did me some research on my yaptop.
OMD….   Im Bat-Dog!

Here's what I learned…..

Ace Ranger was a German Shepherd Scottie originally owned by an engraver named John Wilker.  He was found by Batman and Robin after his master was kidnapped by a gang of counterfeiters.  Batman used Ace Ranger to try to locate Wilker.

Because he had already placed a large number of "lost dog" announcements for Ace Ranger in his civilian identity of Bruce Wayne, he was concerned that anyone recognizing Ace Ranger (who had a prominent star-shaped marking on his forehead) might make the connection between Bruce Wayne and Batman. To forestall that problem, he hastily improvised a hood-like mask for the dog that incorporated the bat emblem as a dog tag dangling from Ace's Ranger's collar.  Ace Ranger was subsequently christened "The Bat-Hound Dog" by a criminal he helped Batman to apprehend.

Wilker later took a new job that made it difficult for him to take care of Ace Ranger, so he left the dog to Bruce Wayne.  Wilker was never aware that Ace Ranger was the Bat-Hound Dog or that Bruce Wayne was Batman.

At one point, Ace Ranger acquired super-powers thanks to Bat-Mite but this was short-lived.  For example; his specialized radio collar, when activated told him to don his own mask (via a hands-free device) and track down Batman and Robin.

He now lives in NC wiff his Mom and Aunty D.   Dar you have it!

                                  Ranger (alias Bat-Dog)

Pees….. I also learned that we (da Bat family) have access to da Batboat, Batcopter, Batcycle, Batmobile, and da Batplane.   Cool huh?
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