Wednesday, April 27, 2016

New Yard - My 1st Visit

Yesterday (early evening), Mom and Aunty D took me to see my new yard kingdom.

I left some pee mail on da newly planted shrubs and then I  patrolled the perimeter.

Cool... I got me a water view!

OMD......   what is dat?

Mom, Mom, Mom..... what is dat?
It's a Swan!

What is dat over dar?
Two momma ducks, a daddy duck and loads of baby ducklings.

Next time I'll have my photographer get better pics.  It was getting dark so des are real fuzzy.   But trust me, dar was loads of ducky's.

I was sooooooooooo amazed at all da new sights that I didn't even bark at dem.    Look's like I'm going to have loads of New Adventures in my new house.

I can't wait for movin' day!

Pees....... dar is a loud little dog next door and he/she shouted HELLO at me (over and over again) from its porch.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Movin on down da Road wiff Chewy

Arrrrrooooooo... today is da 3rd Tuesday of each month and I'm joining Sugar and Oz's Blog Hop.   Well, I think I got da dat right (according to our Blogville Events Calendar).

Did I remember to tell you dat we are movin' to a new house?   Yep, we all need a bit more space.
Got any movin' tips for me?   Maybe Frankie and Ernie can give me a few.

I think dat we are missing some stuffies.
Where are da ones dat are in the Stuffie Hospital?
We gotta pack dem too.

Da new house is only about a mile from my current pad.

We are all packing up all of our stuff and I decided to pack up all of my stuffies in my favorite box.   Yep...... dat's my boxes.

I love my Chewy boxes.  Dey are sturdy (Ranger Tested), well labeled and 
everyone will know which boxes are MINE! boxes always mean "opened me first"!
Let's Move!

Thank you Chewy for helping me pack.
Now I'm all ready to move.
I really don't know what's takin' Mom and Aunty D sooooooooo long to pack up all of dar stuff. Dos sisters have way too much stuff.

I can't wait to see my new house and yard.   Rumor has it dat I have a canal view from my fenced in yard and dat dar are a couple of swans dat like to swim in it.  Yippy!   I've never seen swans before.   I wonder what dar names are.   I hope dey like me.   I can't wait to meet dem.
Mom says dat she hopes dey don't poop on our lawn.


Pees..... Mom says dat she also saw a heron and a momma duck and ducklings the other day.    This is going to be better dan chasing bunnies.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Farewell Mitch

Tonight, I'm lighting my paw-light for my buddy Mitch.   I will miss you.

Run free wiff all of da other residents across the rainbow bridge.

Sending out Big Hugs and Wet Kisses to Mom & Dad and sweet Molly.


Pees...... Mom's eyes are leaking again and she keeps trying to capture me for a grab hug.
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