Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tasty Tuesday - I got me a Chewy Box

Yep….. I got me another box and dis time its from Chewy.  I love boxes from Chewy cuz it is always full of yummy stuff.
I can't wait to see what it is !!
OMD I got me a free treat to review.  YES!  My first Chewy.com review.
Arrrrrrrrrrrroooooooo! I'm up for da task.   
It's Smooches Chicken & Cranberry recipe dog treats from da honest kitchen.

Oh… look da treats are shaped like hearts.   Isn't dat grrrrrrrrrrrrreat?   And da box says its a kiss and cuddle combined.   Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

Mom made me read all da ingredients.  

Dey are 100% all-natural. It's got Barley flour, Chicken, molasses, water, eggs, organic coconut oil, Cranberries and PARMESAN CHEESE !!  

Can you beleive it?

I love parm cheese…. dan again I love any type of cheese.

I'm goin in !!!

Enough readin da box for Mom.   It's time for da most important part of my reveiw…. da Taste Test.

It's da perfect size and has a great crunch.   Crunch is good.  Crunch makes me HAPPY.

And for da taste?   I got me one word….

 I snatched 3 of da treats out of da box before Mom snatched the box away from me.
What's wiff dat….. It's my review and my taste testin.
 I had to be sure dat I really liked it.  
So….. here is my review wrap-up:

  • Item Reviewed:  the honest kitchen's Smooches chicken & cranberry recipe treats
  • Ingredients: 100% natural (and has CHEESE)
  • Taste:  Yummo!
  • Rating:   I give it 5 Paws (my top rating)

Thank you Chewy, for lettin me try out these yummo treats!


Review Disclaimer:  I received da free product for review as a member of the Chewy.com Blogger Program.  The opinions in dis review are my own and not influenced by any outsider.  I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review and I receive no additional benefits for talking about the product or the company.

Pees…… HAPPY BARKDAY TO MY FRIEND EASY!   He is 5 yrs old today.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

B&W Sunday - Bunny watch

I'm on Bad Bunny watch. 
Yep… dars a bunny dat likes to hang out in my yard (under some of my bushes) and we play chase-da-bunny.  

I love to chase him but dat darn bunny doesn't play fair!   Ya see, we fly around da yard and den da bunny slips out under da fence.   He just sits dar on da other side of the fence to tease me cuz I can't get to him.   I can hear him say 'Loser' as he twitches his nose!

It drives me crazy and I high-pitch bark at him but he still just sits dar, laughing at me.   Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

Mom usually comes out to investigate but he's not afraid of her either.   He's a Bad Bunny.

I can't wait for Wally and Finn to come back from Maine.   I'm sure dat three of us could really teach dat bunny a lesson.  Yep…. we'd teach him not to mess with da Scots.


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Wacky Holidays in September

So… I did my monthly googly research on my yaptop and here's some wild and crazy things to celebrate in August.

September, 2014 Daily Holidays, Special and Wacky Days:

1 Labor Day (USA & Canada)

2 National Beheading Day (YIKES)

3 Skyscraper Day

4 Newspaper Carrier Day

5 Be Late for Something Day
5 Cheese Pizza Day (yummmmmmmm)

6 Read a Book Day
6 Hugs and Kisses Day hosted by Lily & Edward

7 Grandparent's Day
7 Neither Rain nor Snow Day

8 International Literacy Day
8 National Date Nut Bread Day

9 Teddy Bear Day

10 Sewing Machine Day  (Mom will like dis one)
10 Swap Ideas Day

11 911 Remembrance
11 Make Your Bed Day (NOT)
11 No News is Good News Day

12 Milk Shake Day
12 National Video Games Day

13 Defy Superstition Day
13 Fortune Cookie Day  (oooooooooooooo…. maybe we can all write a fortune)
13 National Peanut Day
13 Positive Thinking Day
13 Uncle Sam Day

14 National Cream-Filled Donut Day (yummmmmm)
14 National Pet Memorial Day

15 Make a Hat Day

16 Collect Rocks Day
16 Mayflower Day
16 Mexican Independence Day
16 Working Parents Day

17 National Apple Dumpling Day

17 Citizenship Day
17 Constitution Day

18 National Cheeseburger Day (yummmmmm)

19 International Talk Like A Pirate Day (arrrrrrrrrrg !)
19  National Butterscotch Pudding Day

20 National Punch Day
20 Oktoberfest  (Pawty ?)

21 International Peace Day
21 Miniature Golf Day

21 National Women's Friendship Day
21 World Gratitude Day

22 Business Women's Day
22 Elephant Appreciation Day

23 Checkers Day (king me!)
23 Dog in Politics Day (our candidate for Mayor will like dis one)

24 National Cherries Jubilee Day

25 National Comic Book Day

26 Johnny Appleseed Day
26 Native American Day

27 Crush a Can Day
27 International Rabbit Day (I love chasing bunnies)

28 Ask a Stupid Question Day (Baaaawwwwwwaaaaaahhhhhaaaaa)
28 National Good Neighbor Day

29 Confucius Day  (dis could be fun)

30 National Mud Pack Day

Feel free to grab any of these days for posties or for events/blog hops dat you might wanta host.  Have fun!

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