Saturday, July 29, 2017

Beyond da Gate

I can't wait to go on long walkies again.  
I miss my daily patrols.
Poor Paw Update:

My "poor paw" is healing and Mom says dat I'm gettin' better at lettin' her put on my sock and bootie.   Actually, I was holding out for better bribes and now I get bits of chicken or apple as bootie treats.

Monday, I go back to da Dogster to get my stitches out and for more 'C' test.
I'm going to get a chest X-ray and da Dogster will aspirate my leg lymph node.   Later, I will get an ultrasound.   Even though da margins were clean, the Dogsters wants to make sure dat da 'C' hasn't spread.  Apparently melanoma is very aggressive.

Once we get da results, we'll talk about next steps (if any).  I did hear Mom talking wiff da Dogster about possible amputation of my poor paw digit (toe/pad).   YIKES.   Dat doesn't sound good.  They also discussed other possible 'C' related treatments.

We're going to take it one "poor paw" step at a time.



  1. you are a trooper Ranger and we cross all paws and fingers that you get good news from you dogtor and that all test results come back without sad things... hugs to you and lots of potp

  2. We are sending a lot of POTP Ranger. Hugs to mom, stay strong! We will be thinking of you Monday and hopefully there will be all good news!

  3. Good luck with the vet. Hope they don't find any more of that evil c-thing.

  4. That melanoma is a tough opponent. We're on your side.

  5. Hope ya get good news at da dogtor.

  6. I hope all the new test come back clean. POTP Ranger, Hugs to Mom and Aunt D


  7. We'll keep our paws crossed. Amputation doesn't sound good.

  8. Sweet Boy, Ranger, you and your sweet Mum are TROOPERS and very brave! I want you to know dat our Mum feels for you because she had the very same thing happen to her and she is a Hoomin! 36 yrs ago she had to have her pinky on her left hoomin paw (hand) and part of her hand removed because it was a different kind of tumor that was runny like egg white, and it kept coming back because it got into everything, (no clean margines with that kind of tumor-it is very rare), but now it has been 36 years and eberyting is okey-dog-key, THANK GOD, (except we is not too sure about her sometimes when she goes nutso over us and kisses us and hugs us and when she sees Ranger's pictures or puppies, or cute animals or......well, you gets our drift--She is Cwazy....for Scotties and any animal pretty much! So since your margines are clean, you should have NO problems AT ALL. Mum and us are praying so hard for you and your Mum! We love you. Keep on upping your bribes, brave Ranger!!
    Riley-Puppy, Tessie-Girl and Jackie-Scottie-Baby

  9. We are sending lots and lots of POTP your way Ranger!!
    Arty & Jakey

  10. Crossing our paws for a good report and prognosis!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. Ranger we will keep our pug paws crossed and sending tons of Pug POTP. Hoping for all good results.
    hugs and love
    Hazel & Mabel


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