Sunday, December 20, 2015

Not so Sweet on Sundays

Yikes..... I'm naked! 

What happened, you ask?

Well, last Sunday, I was just sitting in my backyard (which is fenced) watching the kids play in da yard behind me and I was shot at.   
Nerf Bullet
Ok, maybe not on purpose, but dis bullet came flying into my yard.   It was a Nerf Bullet.   It landed right by me so I  just had to check it out.   Ya see, I've never seen one of des so I decided dat maybe it was a new chew toy.   

Now according to Mom, our doorbell rang and it was one of da gun slinging kids.  She told Mom dat I had one of their bullets.   

What?  Don't they know the Scottie Possession Laws?    What are dey teaching in da schools?
Anyways, Mom came out in da yard and dar I was chew'in on da blue part of da bullet.   I gave it to her but she looked worry.   She asked da kids if dar was another part of the bullet and dey said yes.

OMD... she said, da bright orange harder plastic with a hard plastic skew at one end was missing.   So... off we went for a road-trip.   I do love to ride in da car, until I saw where we were going.

Nerf Bullet topper.


Da Dogster gave me a shot of some nasty drug dat made me sick to my tummy.

So...  I returned da bullet top and dey bagged it for Mom. 

Three days later, I kinda got bored and went look'in for some new property/toy to acquire.   Aunty D came down stairs and found me play'in wiff my new toy.
Vitamin travel box.

I found it in her overnight bag and pulled it out.  It was empty, but it was still fun to chew on.   I gave it to her, when she asked but den she said OMD.... Sunday's top is missing.  She called Mom (who was on her way home from work) and told her dat I ate Sunday.   She search dat  floor and couldn't find Sunday's topper.

Da dreaded torture table.
Road-trip!  Dis time we had to go across da river to da emergency vet hospital as it was after hours.
Sick shot (again), but I didn't give the topper back.   X-ray looked okay so we went home wiff fewer green papers and I had bread and just a  little bit of food for dinner.

Da next morning, Mom found Sunday's topper in her bathroom on da tile floor.
Good news was dat I never really ate Sunday's topper, butt da bad news is dat it was an expensive week from Mom.    I'm almost 4 and she thinks dat I'm going thru my terrible twos again (hehehe).

She said dat she really hopes dat Santa brings me some new toys.

Oh, oh, oh..... she also said dat I could open my pressie from Jack early.   YIPPY !!!!    Jack's present arrived and has been just sit'in on da table.   I can't wait to see what I got in da blogville holiday gift exchange from Jack.



  1. two trips to the vet - no fun at all - hope you don't eat any more plastic really isn't good for the tummy

  2. boy Ranger.... you are a scottie and not a weimaraner :o) I'm glad the nerf-thingy left your tummy and the lid of that box too (hey it's still ok, your mom can use it for that box. Please don't eat that plastic stuff, I've read with too much plastic inside we will look like teletubbies once....ewwww. Hugs to you Ranger, I hope for a good christmas without er-trips for you and me and all pups...

  3. Lady says that Phod has been being a little naughty, not like eating bad things, he has never been an eater (that is a Hailey trick), but he is not listening as well etc. and he is 4. Maybe it is a 4 things. Glad you are ok!

  4. How are you going to be healthy if you get a vitamin case with no vitamins?

  5. Oh dear! Please be careful Ranger!

  6. Gosh its all go at your place Ranger,xx Speedy

  7. Oh Ranger -- I know it's Christmas, and we're all tempted to eat things we shouldn't -- But lets stick to things that we should, it's cheaper!! Glad it's okay!! Tell your Mom, we've had that happen too, and I know how it feels!!

  8. Oh my Ranger - please go easy on your mom for a while - eating or almost eating two things you are not supposed to - not good. Glad you are oK
    Mr Bialey, Hazel & Mabel

  9. We hope you don't have to go back to the VEE EE TEE again! Get better soon!

    Abby Lab

  10. Poor Ranger...looks like you had a hard week!! You might want to be extra good this week, we hear Santa Paws is suppose to be coming soon!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

    PeeEss...We sent you an email, but we were wondering if you could resend your pictures for the Howl-i-day Hijinks?? The ones you sent were itty bitty and Mama needs them to be a bit bigger if possible.

  11. Wow, your mom must have paid a lot of green papers for those torture trips, We are glad the only thing that suffered was her wallet!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  12. sounds like you need yo get a job to pay for your expensive eating habits.At least you have learned to drop it.

  13. Wow I'm glad your okay but you sure are making your mom spend a lot of money. Mischief equals $$$$$.

    Aroo to you,

  14. Yikes, you had a crazy week. I am glad you are ok. I tend to chew on things like that too, so Mommy is always watching me. One of her favorite things to say to me is "What have you got now?"

    Ziggy Out!!

  15. Ya know.....when the pawrental units shell out green papers on stuffs we eats, we get grounded at our house! Please try to stay off the Naughty list, Santa Paws is almost here and after he leaves thens you can go back to eating everything that lands in your yard and things in aunts suitcases! BOL!!!


  16. Ranger Christmas time is not the time do up set the peeps. Glad they found Sunday.

  17. Yikes! Mommy's nephew has one of those nerf toys. She better make sure to watch us so we don't go near those bullet things to eat them.

  18. Oh Ranger I knows when kids are shooting things to head for the house. Thought I have heard of biting the bullet, I don't think they meant to chew it literally.
    Wishing you the Merriest of Christmases ever
    Sweet William The Scot

  19. Oh your poor Mum, Ranger! You cans maybe chew stuff, but for Heaven's sake do NOT swallow it! It couldn't have tasted good, cuz it wasn't FOOD! Stop it, Ranger or you will only get a piece of coal from Santy-Paws! K?
    Merry Christmas!
    Riley-Puppy and Tessie-Girl


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