Thursday, December 24, 2015

Early Openings of Pressies

You'll never believe dis, butt Mom let me open a couple of my pressies early.

It's about dog-gone time!
Des packages have been sitting, unopened, on da table for like 87 days.

Da 1st one is huge and is from my Blogville Holiday Gift Exchange buddy Jack.

OMD.... dis is just what I wanted.
He sent me a huge cookie and TWO (yes I said TWO) brand new Stuffies.

One is a yellow Giraffe and da other is a Gingerbread Man.    I can't believe dat I have my very own Gingerbread Man.   Oh, oh, oh and dey both have squeakers in dem.   Mom loves da Giraffe as she can easily grab it when I have it in my mouth.

Just look at my haul!

If dat wasn't enough excitement, I also got to open up a wee little package from my girlfriend Daisy.    You know what dey say, good things come in small packages.
I wonder what's in dis one.

Lov ya Daisy & I love my pressies.

She sent me another squeaky toy, a scottie hotpad (for Mom), a cookie, and some Golden Nuggets (Yeti Dog Chews).  I've never eaten Gold before.  I'm gonna feel like a KING eat'in dem.

My Daisy sure know how to pack a ton of great stuff in a little box.

Thank you Jack and Daisy for my pawsome holiday pressies!
Des new stuffies are more fun dan dat old plastic pill case.

I can't wait to see what Santa Paws brings me.   I hope dat he doesn't know about my recent mischief mak'in (eating nerf bullet top and chewing up Sunday's topper).


Pees.....  Mom says dat I'm going to have a very special surprise houseguest to play wiff on Christmas.   I can't wait.

Ranger: 41 cards + 10 e-cards
Mom:  17 cards + 2 e-card
Oh.... I think dat Mom is cheat'in.   Ya see, her Birthday is Christmas Day, so she is getting Birthday cards too and count'in dem as Christmas Cards.
I decide to let her cheat since she will NEVER catch me and since she let me open up 2 pressies early.   Good of me huh?  I hope dat Santa Paws is paying attention.


  1. those are some wonderful presents and we sure do hope you have a wonderful Christmas Day and Happy Birthday to your Mom too - we can't wait to hear what your surprise is

  2. Those were great presents, Merry Christmas little buddy. Stella Rose and Momma

  3. Don't you count the Ides Of March cards in your total of birthday cards?

    1. Baaawwaaaahhhhaaaaa !!!!! You are one crazy bird.

  4. Wow! Great presents! Happy Christmas!

  5. Pawsome prezzies!!!!
    Merry Christmas
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  6. Happy bday to your Mom. What wonderful presents. Merry Christmas.

  7. Those are awesome pressies. You have such good friends. Have a wonderful Christmas.

    Abby Lab

  8. What very special gifts you received. Merry Christmas Ranger and to your Mom & Aunt D

  9. GOOD GRIEF RANGER.... you were MOST MAGNANIMOUS there Buddy... We can't BELIEVE that you are Letting your Mom COUNT Birfday Cards... Santa Claws will be MOST IMPRESSED...

    WOW BUDDY... you hit the MOTHER LODE of Christmas Pressie PackageS... they WERE Jammed FULL of super stuffs that you fur SURE are gonna get SECONDS of Enjoyment out of... While you are Shredding and Deading them.... and HOURS and HOURS of fun once you have them Whipped into shape.
    Ranger, we are wishing you the Mostest Merry of Merry Christmas'
    AND..... We would like to Wish your MOM... a HAPPY BIRFDAY... Tomorrow..

  10. Two blogs in one day. Your mom has been busy. We know that we will not have any cool weather for Christmas. It was in the mid 80's today.

  11. Cool stuff Ranger. I like the giraffe
    Merry Christmas Eve
    Lily & Edward

  12. Wow, Ranger, what cool Scottie gifts! Fit for the king you ARE! You are so doggone adorable, that Santa Paws is sure to look the other way and not count the recent green paper-draining you provided your Mum on both of your Emergency Vet visits recently! It really was nice that your Mum let you open some pressies early! Looks like she has forgotten your recent vet visits too-(you hope)!
    Merry Scottie Christmas, Ranger!
    Riley-Puppy and Tessie-Girl

  13. You'll have to let me know how the Gold Nuggets are...there is an indie pet shop down the street I like to go shop at. I pulled those off the shelf for you, so my mom thought they must be tasty! That giraffe is super cute...sorry to read it's already in the hospital. I've found that happens a lot with Christmas stuffies!


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