Monday, October 6, 2014

Surf's Up !!

Yippy!  Dis past weekend, I got to go to da beach.   
Mom doesn't take me to da beach in da summertime cuz it is too hot and dare are way too many tourist.   I am soooooooo happy dat summertime is gone.

Now, I usually just walk wiff Mom & Aunty D on da beach and socialize wiff other furfriends dat I meet on da beach.  I also like to chase birds dat run on da sand. No… I haven't caught any yet.  And… sometimes I even put my paws in da water but today was different.

Hummmm…. should I go into da water?
So far, so good.
Maybe dis isn't such a good idea.
No…. I'm gonna be brave and jump in.
Yikes…. it is gettin deep.
OMD…. I see a big wave comin…..
I'm out of here.
I jumped in & out of da water and in & out again and again.   I had a blast.
What can I say….. Life is Good at da Beach.
Do you like to go in da ocean when you go to da beach?


Pees…. Stay tuned for Part 2 of my weekend adventure.   It is lip smackin good.

More Peeees….. We have a new blog in blogville to welcome new residents.   Pop over and check out da Welcome Wagon.


  1. you looked like you were having so much fun Ranger

  2. You were very brave Ranger, going into the water voluntarily !
    But it does look like great fun
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. Thanks Princes Leah. I was channeling my inner Batdog.

  3. Oh my! Yu had a lot o' fun but be careful. Too much water rusts the bones.

  4. Hey Ranger!
    Wow, spending the day in the water is the bestest fun! You did a great job pouncing in the surf. Gee, I see peep toes and they look sandy just like your wuzzle! BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Pol Comm

  5. ah Ranger we did not know you lived close to that monster water place, we sure wish we could do that also...sigh....stella rose

  6. Isn't the beach the best place ever! I love digging and the stinky smells
    Lily & Edward

    1. I do too…. but dis time I didn't dig any holes. Go figure.

  7. So glad you got to enjoy the beach! Love the pics!

    1. Thanks. Wait to ya see what we did next. Stay tuned…..

  8. Your so brave Ranger. Jazzi hated the water and would never ever go in it!! Good job and enjoy sunnin...on the beach!!

  9. yes, life is good on the beach! have fun and jump on all waves! I try to avoid water when I visit the beach... that's not easy lol

  10. That looked like great fun on the beach there Ranger. You sure are one cool surfing dude. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. I have never been on a beach. You are very brave! A new blog, I can't wait, I am going right now:

    Love Sasha

  12. Going to the beach is my most favorite thing in the world Ranger!!! I am not allowed to go in the water 'cause of the sneaky waves...but I like to splash in the tide pools!!
    Arty (Dory's brother)

  13. That does look like fun. We're not sure we'd like that aggressive water, though. We don't want it to chase us.

  14. OMD Ranger.... you BRAVED the WAVES.... that is super duper fur sure...

    We are FOLLOWING the NEW Blogville Welcome Wagon Blog... it is WONDERFUL.

  15. We love the water and DIGGING in the sand at the beach! Maybe next time we can come with you. Which bus stop is by the beach?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  16. You are one brave Scottie. Sid and Shelby do not like the bathtub or the pool. I can't imagine him with water approaching.

  17. Braeden loves the beach, but not the water. I (Seth) hope to make my first trip to the Cape next summer. Did that wave sneak up on you? Did the water taste yucky?

    Braeden, Seth and puppy Riley

  18. Great photos of you at the beach. Do you have to have a bath when you get home to get the sand out of your furs?

    Aroo to you,

  19. Crikey Ranger ..... you went to the beach. Just like me. Aren't we the luckiest blokes, aye?? I'm glad you went in the waves. I didn't like 'em at first but you can't keep me out now. It a lot of fun jumping over them but I've got long legs. You be careful mate. Your legs are pretty short and it wouldn't be good to get dumped by a wave.
    I'm off to check out the welcome wagon.

  20. Hang Ten, Ranger! It sure looks like you had a blast swimming in the ocean. I've only been to the beach once and the dogs there were a little rowdy so I haven't been back. Maybe we should try it in the 'off season' like you!

  21. Looks like a great place for a walk!

  22. We don't have any beaches, water, or waves that we can get into around the bayou. We have the Red River, but it is too dangerous. Our lake is the city drinking water source and for some reason they won't let dogs swim in it. Go figure! Thanks for visiting us today. Our newscast was pre-empted yesterday. ☺


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