Friday, June 19, 2015

Momma's little Helper

 Sometimes Mom can be a klutz in da kitchen.
Vacuum Ranger to da rescue.

I just love me some good crumbles.



Peeees..... we had a really bad thunderstorm last week and it zapped our phone & internet lines while Mom and Aunty D were in NYC.   I got to visit with my friend in Dog Camp.   We finally got everythingy fixed so I can visit your bloggies again.   Yippy !!!!


  1. your kitchen is a pawradise, Ranger... I would like to help your mom too... if you need a helper, just call me :o) glad all things are fixed and you are ok...
    easy rider

  2. Me and my brother are very helpful with our mom. We even wash the floor after we clean up the spills. She can be very messy cook. Glad you are back up and on line.

  3. Pawfect hoover service there Ranger!!!!
    And tasty goodies dropped as well, its a win, win !!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. WELL we are glad everything is back up to speed, there has been so many awful storms around .....our mom often drops food on the floor, I am usually always under her feet so I get it first. I have not let mags or gussie in on my secret and I probably will not.
    stella rose

  5. Mom calls me her kitchen dog cause if she's in there so am I making every step she does. And I'm fast too if she drops it, I got it. I call it teamwork. BOL

    Aroo to you,

  6. The best place to be a klutz
    Lily & Edward

  7. Don't you just love it when that happens???? Woot!

  8. If you visit my blog, bring some goat cheese for Kaci and Kali.

  9. you make an excellent vacuum cleaner ranger

  10. We are THRILLED that you are back... we had Wondered where you were...

    OMD Kitchen Patrol.... isn't it DELICIOUS.

  11. GOAT CHEESE! Sheesh, SHE usually drops onions or garlic. We NEED to get HER on more imaginative recipes.

    BTW, Fantastic job. Your mum could have slipped on that cheese and injured herself.

  12. Goat cheese? Lucky dog! Mom doesn't like goat cheese at tastes to much I've never had it.

  13. We get to do that too - we think all Mommas are klutzes!!

  14. Mum doesn't really cook!! In fact, in the 8 years she has lived here she has NEVER used the oven and has only used stovetop about half a dozen times!!! She has a microwave that does just about everything and is a convection oven, too. So between that, the toaster and Kuerig she says she doesn't need the stove!!

    Yesterday she finally used the gift certificate from Pizza Hut thant Angel Sasha sent her. She ordered one of the meat dishes that came with bread sticks. She re-heated it today for dinner and instead of putting the breadsticks in for only 20 seconds, she put it in with the meat (typical for her, bol). Naturally, they came out hard so she broke it up and gave it to me --- nom nom nom!!!!! I then also got to clean up the dishes for her -- also yummy.

    She is good things for some things!!!

    toodle pip


    1. Cool............ cleaning da dishes is one of my favorite things to do.

  15. I luv being da kitchen vacuum too!

  16. Her klutchyness is your treat!! I say let her be as klutchy as she wants, know what I mean??


  17. great job in helping your mum Ranger,xx Speedy

  18. We missed you. Our mom is a klutz, but everything usually breaks when it falls on the porcelain tile floor and we can't get some goodies. Welcome back!

  19. Joey dog here. Excellent clean up work Ranger! That's my favorite job too!

  20. I try and I try to clean up, butts Ma says I SUCK at it! (no pun intended! hehehehe)
    If it's something REALLY good, you knows I can find ALL of it though!
    Ruby ♥


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