Monday, December 22, 2014

Mischief Monday & Desperate Measures

Oh what a pretty card.   Let's see who it's from.
It's from "Register's Auto Collision"
Ranger:   Who's dat?
Mom:   Oh… dat's one of mine.   

Hummmmm….something smells fishy.  
I think dat Mom may be cheating in da card count.   
I'd better investigate.
Let's check da back of it to see who it's addressed to.
OMD…. it's addressed to "Local Postal Customer" !!!!
Ranger:  Why is it yours?   I'm a BIG Local Postal Customer!
Mom:  You don't drive and it's from an Auto Collision place.
Ranger:   Well, I ride in da auto.   It doesn't doesn't say Auto DRIVER Collision.
 I think dat it's mine too! 

What da you think?  Is dis a Peep or a Ranger card or Both?

Looks like I'm gotta have to start spectoring all da peeps cards cuz Mom is starting to get desperate.   Doesn't she know dat Santa doesn't like cheaters?   If she's not careful, she could end up on da Naughty List.

                               Ranger (Card Spector)…. my work is never done.

        Ranger: 42 +1?    
     Peeps: 14 +1?  

Sending POTPs and healing vibes out to all of dos in Blogville (peeps & furfriends) dat are under da weather.   Please get all better soon.


  1. You better keep an eye on those cards, Ranger!

  2. Yep our peeps is getting desperate too Ranger. Better make sure they don't cheat. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Bol! Mommy is gigglin ofur here. Fur shur, that is cheatin on yur Mom's part.

  4. Our Peeps don't even have cards they can cheat with. Only one so far, and that was from family, so it's ours too. BOL! Keep inspecting Ranger, those Peeps can be sneaky!

    Braeden, Seth and Riley

  5. Wow, the peeps are getting desperate! I classify that as a FAMILY card, so neither of you gets to count it.

  6. It's blue and blue is always for boys, so it's yours, of course :o)
    Easy Rider

  7. I think you have to give her something Ranger. You are going to have so many she can't claim she isn't going to have a hope of winning.

  8. Uh oh, I finks Mom is borderline naughty list wiv that one!
    Butt, wiv that score Ranger, you can easily be magnanimous, Mom's never gonna catch you up!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  9. Parents are sneaky BUT ranger you might want to give it to her cos SANTA is watchin
    stella rose

  10. The HIGHER that OUR card count Climbs.... the SNEAKIER the peeps become... Let her have that one Ranger... they start to CRY and WHINE if you don't toss em a crumb now and then..

    TODAY Miss Patty the Letter Lady brought our Mail INSIDE... and she said to US..... these are all fur YOU boys... and then she said.... THIS one must be fur your MOM... it was a PLEA fur $$$$ from Ohio University... BaaaaWaaah.... we tossed it in THEIR miserly miserable little pile... OURS is so high it had to be made into 3 STACKS... Just sayin.
    Let her have it Ranger.... it IS the season fur Giving you know... BAaaaaWaaaah....

  11. That is totally your card and not the peeps!

  12. Postal Customer...qualifies it as your card. BUT, let the peeps have it. There's no way they'll catch you up!

  13. Well....looks like Mo is turning to the desperate Peep....we say it does nor count it....burn it!

    The Mad Scots

  14. Our pawrents are trying to cheat on the card count too. They are getting desperate!

  15. You must live in a very unsafe town if the auto collision people send out cards.

  16. Hmmmmmmm....maybe you should cut it in two and share it with her???
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  17. We think you should eat the card!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  18. Crikey ..... that's desperation for sure, aye?? Let her have it. She's NEVER going to catch you.

  19. It are a Ranger card. Obviously ya's da better postal customer - look at your card count.

  20. As it's Christmas why not give her this one? (We all know it's really yours!!)

  21. Ha - we all know this is your card. Seriously, the peeps are so jealous of how many cards we have!! I even got more mailed packages than my peep!!! She said it's almost time to open up your present - I can't wait!

  22. Merry Christmas buddy.

    Aroo to you,


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