Friday, July 4, 2014

Flashback Friday - Happy 4th of July

Dees Flashback pics are from my very first 4th of July photo session.   Mom set up pops and even put baby Me in a box.  She tried really hard to get me to pose, but I was having none of it.
Oh look…. a flag?    Cool.
I got me a new patriotic Kong Wubba.
Yo Mom,  I think dis one is a bit too heavy for me.
Look out…. I'm gonna drop it!
Oh, oh, oh…. is dat a squirrel over dare?
I'm outta here!

I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July and dat you stay far away from dos loud noise-makers.  I'm gonna park myself under the foodable table.

Oh…. Thank you Mollie for my card.  Lub ya.

                  Baby Ranger

Pees….  Authur, da One CAT, is all gone and he left me some new sticks/branches/twigs to play wiff.  Nice of him huh?

Happy Birthday Noodles!
Pop on over and share da cheer.


  1. Hi Baby Ranger!
    Squeee Ranger your puppy pics are just sooo adorable! I love your very first 4th of July, you look so cute with your patriotic kong toy and red, white and blue setting, god bless America indeed! I think that is a great idea, under the table is where all of the delicious foodables and the action is! I hope you don't get too scared of any fireworks!
    Love and licks from your furiend Frank xxxxxxxxx

  2. Aww, so cute yu wuz!
    Have a super duper 4th. I hope sumfin tasty falls offa the grill jus fur yu!

  3. happy 4th of July Ranger - mom many foodables drop your way :)

  4. Oh Ranger I think you did a fine job of posing and stuff!! Bravo
    Yay Art has past and how nice of him to leave you toys...we had a lot of wind yesterday so Dad has some toys too
    Hugs madi your bfff

  5. What a cute pup you were once... and now you are such a beautiful boy! Have a good 4th of july, hope that Authur diappeared and you can spend a wonderful day!

  6. We are so glad that Hurry Cane Arthur left you some new treasures and NO Damage...
    Love the pictures of your FURST 4th of July...


    AND... Noodles

  7. We are glad to see you are OK after Arthur came by!
    have a great 4th!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  8. We're glad all Arthur left was some new sticks! We were worried about our grandma (SE VA) but she's OK.
    Happy Independence Day! (Maggie would be happy to be in that box.)

  9. We're glad Arthur didn't ruin your day. Nice of him to leave gifts.

    No flashy beast right from the start. WTG Ranger.

    XXXOOO Bella roxy & Dui

  10. Very festive!
    Happy July 4th
    Lily & Edward

  11. You are and were too cute for words. Enjoy the 4th. It is raining here and the heavens are providing the fireworks.

  12. You made us giggle with your photo shoot. Cute! Glad all Arthur left you was some toys!

  13. We looovvvveeee baby Scottie pictures in this house. I really like all the props in your puppy pictures. Lots and lots of this to chew on!

  14. Weren't you cute?! Have a lovely day!!

  15. You were so darn irresistible Stuart!


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