Sunday, May 25, 2014

Nascar Charlotte Coca-Cola 600 Zoomies Event

Happy Race Day! 

Sidebite are hosting a Nascar Charlotte Coca-Cola 600 Zoomies Event today.

My pick for da winner is Kyle Bush #18 cuz he drives da M&M car.

GO KYLE !!!!!
Wiff a cheering crew like us…. how could he possibly lose?

And now.. for a wee little pre-race fun.    How do you know if you are a NASCAR Fan?

You Know you are a NASCAR Fan if...

You can't balance your checkbook, but CAN explain the point system.

You run out of gas and try to explain to the cop (who's giving you a sobriety test) your weaving from lane to lane was just an attempt to get fuel into the pickup. 

Every time you rotate your tires at home you put the stop watch to it and record the time and try to better it next time.

You're sitting behind someone at a red light, and when it changes, you yell, "GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! GO! GO! GO! 

You time yourself on your wrist watch when you pull into the self serve gas n go.

On an Interstate exit ramp you stay on the outside to keep the RPMs up.

You draft with a Fox Photo delivery car because "that Kodak car is stout."

You get away from a Lowe's delivery truck as quickly as possible. 

You make sure to stay under 55 as you leave the gas pumps. 

You say "But officer, I wasn't tailgating, I was drafting" 

When you pass someone on the highway you refer to it as taking them on the inside.

Only the driver's side of your windshield gets cleaned. 

Your mechanic has to remind you to stop referring to him as "your crew chief" 

You have planned out a route to work where you only have to turn left.

You're Barkday Pawty is a Racing themed pawty.

I guess dat makes me a NASCAR fan.



  1. good one Ranger.......there will be some zooming going on today for sure !

  2. #18, yes that makes sense to me the M&M car will win! Think my dad is a fan too, the windshield is only clean on his side :O) Have a great sunday

  3. You Nailed it, Dad said to add this;
    At the stop lights your got your left foot mashing the brake and the right foot holding the gas pedal about halfway open, and burn rubber across the intersection leaving the pit stop!


    1. Burn rubber? There may be just a little conflict of interest here :)


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