Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Wacky Holiday Challenge - Angels and Tooth Fairy's

Today is Be an Angel Day and National Tooth Fairy Day!


Do you believe in Angels and the Tooth Fairy?
I do.   I have a lot furfriends dat Crossed Over da Rainbow bBridge and are now Angels.   I miss dem all but take comfort in knowing dat dey are now furAngels.

Now, as for da Tooth Fairy....
Oh my..... a tooth.

I believe in her too.

Ya see, when I was a wee little laddie, I lost my baby teeth.  We put dem in a little Tooth Fairy bag.
My Tooth Fairy bag.

I put it under my bed.
 And da next morning.... da Puppy Tooth Fairy left me a pawsome surprise.
BONE !!!!!!!!

I Believe.


Pees...... tomorrow we celebrate Ride the Wind Day!


  1. Not only don't I believe in the tooth fairy, I don't believe in teeth.

  2. OMD!! I never knew about the Tooth Fairy. I only lost baby teeth when I was living with the lady I don't like to think about, in my pre-LBR days. I bet the Tooth Fairy couldn't find me there. Hey, I'm overdue some bones!

  3. Wow! That's an epic looking bone too!

  4. WHAT??!! We just have a jar with teeth in it.

  5. WE think of our angels everyday. I think we got gipped by the tooth fairy
    Hazel & Mabel


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