Saturday, September 5, 2015

Red creatures from da Ocean

I love it when Aunty D's son, Eric comes to visit me.   He is really cool and we always have fun together.

He took me on a walk on da beach and you'll never believe what we found.

It is a RED fishy of some kind and it just floated up on da beach in front of us.

Oh.... Eric says dat he knows what it is.
It's a RED Octopus!
Hummm... is James Bond here today?
I got it!  
You know da Scottie rules:  It's all MINE now.

Time to bury it so no one steals it.
You see... dar are a lot of beach bums here.   No... not Eric, he's not a bum.
Maybe I'll un-bury it later and play wiff it some more.   Sounds like a plan.

Have a grrrrrreat Labor Day weekend!



  1. that could be a lobster-fishie... and you can throw it back to the ocean, maybe it lands on my beach once :o) ...that's a great way to save shipping fees, right? Have a great long labor day weekend :o)

  2. It's a mutant. The radiation from Fukushima has caused a new species of octopus which has plastic flesh.

  3. I've never been to to ocean as I don't like water, but I think I'd go if I could find neato things like that.

    Abby Lab

  4. found it...its yours!!


  5. finders keepers - it is pirates treasure we say and you get to keep it

  6. Great find! Eric sounds like a keeper, too. Nothin' like someone to take you on extra walks, especially to the beach.

  7. Wow, you are a great fisherdog!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. Don't bother to bury it. Take it home and enjoy playing with it.Thanks for the update on the no name holiday.

  9. Wow, what great fun,and what a great find -- Eric included, he's a keeper too!!


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