Thursday, June 14, 2012

Going on Holiday was grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat fun!

Woof. Woof.  I'm back!   Did you miss me?
I had a barking good time at my family reunion with my doggie family.   I did lots of running around with doggie mom Scarlett.

Now the unpacking begins.
I like traveling.   Where can we go next?

Mom and Aunty D were in Ireland and she said that I would really like it there as it is really green.   U know how much I like green.

Today, Mom pulled out this glass thing that had numbers on it.
Now what do we have here?

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.   Just call me tank.  Woof!

Mom says we both put on some pounds while on holiday.
What do I do with this?

1-2-1-2.     Are you kidding?

Working out is hard.   I'd rather go play outside and rip out some more grass.   Mom loves it when I weed the yard.

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