Friday, June 1, 2012

Family Reunion

Mom got out a suitcase today.
Yippy!!  Packing.   Fun.
I get to go visit my doggy parents and my breeder for a week.   We are having a scottie family reunion!  Woof! Woof!

So I will not be blogging of a week or so but will tell you all about my trip when I get back.

I can't wait to see my doggie Mom & Dad.   Wait till they see how big I am (7.5 lbs) and how fast I can run.

Aren't they good looking?  Did I tell you that my doggie Dad comes from a long line of Royalty (Champions)?   Maybe I should have people call me Sir Ranger.

Now I just have to see if I can get all my toys in this bag.   I may need a bigger bag!
This toy is big like me!
I'll put this one in the corner.  
Maybe I'll put it in this corner.  This packing stuff is hard work.   I may have to nap soon.

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