Friday, September 8, 2017

Irma - Out of da Cone (for now)

Dis morning, Irma has shifted to da west.   Dis is really bad news for all my furfriends in Florida, as Irma is project to cruise right up through Florida.

It is better news for us, as we are no longer in da cone of uncertainty and none of us like da cone.    Right now we are only supposed to get rain and wind from the outer bands of dis massive storm.

Things can change, so I'm still on da job and continue to track Irma's whereabouts for Mom.

                           Ranger,  reporting live from Wilmington, NC

Pees.... my doggie camp leader (mom says "petsitter"), Auntie Sue, has a daughter in Houston and her son is in Florida.    Her daughter and family are okay in Houston.   Prayers for her son in Florida.

For everyone in Irma's path.


  1. Is out of the cone anything like out of the frying pan?
    I hate cones of any type (except ice cream cones).

  2. We have relatives in Boca Raton Florida and we're very worried about them right now. Hopefully the storm will weaken a bit by the time it hits them. And hopefully it won't hit you guys in NC either. Stay safe!

  3. Glad you're out of the the moment. We have friends in Florida...hope they're prepared.

  4. That's more encouraging news. But we will continue to pray for you and all of our Southern Blogville pals.

  5. We are preparing. I put hurricane shutters over my hurricane windows. The dogs do not do well in rain and thunder situations. It will be an experience.

  6. Prayers for all in the path - we hope you continue to be safe
    Hazel & Mabel

  7. we send potp and prayers for all people and pets in the area of crazy irma...

  8. Stay safe! This is a powerful one!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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