Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pre-Barkday Surprises

I am counting down to my Barkday Day event (3/14 - 3/15).    Today I got 3 surprises.  Wow.... I'm turning 3 too.    Now, I must be honest.... two of da surprises did not make me happy.

Surprise #1:  I was minding my own business and happy dat Mom wanted to take my picture.

What I didn't know was dat it was my BEFORE picture.  

You got it..... Mom thought dat I needed to go to da fur stealers before my Barkday Pawty.

Hey... what's wrong will some tangles, curls and leaf bits in da beard?    It's manly.  Girls just don't understand.
I am not a happy camper.

After da fur stealer brought me back home, Mom too another pic of me.
Yikes.... I think dat she washed out all my black fur.   Or she spilled some red dye in my beard when I wasn't looking.

And den I got me another surprise.
Surprise #2:
GREY HAIR !!??!!
OMD....... I'm going grey and I'm only going to be Three.      Now I'm depressed.

Mom gave me a cookie, but dat didn't help.   I ate it anyway.  No sense turning down a good cookie.   Hey.... I may be turning grey, but I'm not stupid.

I love getting mail.

Later in da day, Mom went out to get da mail and came in all excited.   She said dat I got me some mail!

Arrrrrrrroooooooooooo..... finally a good surprise!

Surprise #3:    I got me a Barkday card.
It's says "Pull my Paw!"  Hehehe!

What can I say.   Thank you Frankie & Ernie.   You turned my bad day into a really Happy day.

How was your day?



  1. OMD OMD your furs gotted dyed RED???? And it didn't even cover the Gray???? We think you should get a REFUND... (NOT A DO OVER)...
    We are glad that your card arrived in time fur your Big BIG DAY... OMD the Scotties are having a BIG BIRFDAY BASH... It is gonna be a GRAND EVENT fur THREE Grand GUYZ..... We can't wait...
    THERE WILL BE CAKE.... Won't There????
    We are thinking that it should be declared Stuart, Ranger, and Dui Day... and become an INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAY... where Everybuddy gives their Dogs or Cats or Lizards or Crabs or Bunnies or Birds...87 treats and HOURS of Attention...

    1. Yes.... we have a three tier CAKE! One tier for each of us and our furfriends.

    2. With bird seed topping, of course. I gotta watch that cake thingie-too much and I'll be too fat to fly.

  2. Well, two out of, that won't out of three....hmmmmmm, maybe two out four--counting the cookie. NO, we have to admit it was UNFAIR! But you DO look handsome!

    We don't mind a few leaves and twigs and stuff in the beard, actually.

  3. Hey, I always gots stuffs in my beard! Leaves, twigs, crumbs for laters.....I don't see anything wrong with that!
    I'm stockin' my Margarita Truck and gettin' ready for the big day!!
    Ruby ♥

  4. Grey hair?? How can that be? You are only 3 (like us)! Gotta start living in the fast lane!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Well....welcome to the red and grey guys hair club!


  6. Aaaaa hoy matey - does that make the famous pirate Red Beard?

  7. Ya know I'm 31/2 and I gotta little gray in my furs and red in my beard so I think you're in good company.

    Aroo to you,

  8. Hey Ranger, grey is most distinguished, indicating wisdom and maturity, and should be worn as a badge of honour. (At least that's what Gail tried to convince me. And herself…)
    Toodle pip!

  9. I think you look very handsome, grey furs , red furs, black furs make one very smart Scottie
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  10. LOL 50 shades of grey there Ranger. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. no worries, that are the hairs of endless wisdom... and therefore they are white(not grey)..:o)
    easy rider

  12. Dory says that gray hair makes you look "distinguished"!! That Frankie and Ernie really know how to brighten the day, don't they?!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  13. A little gray fur makes you look distinguished, not old. Don't worry, buddy. I've got a bit of a gray muzzle myself!

  14. A little gray fur makes you look distinguished, not old. Don't worry, buddy. I've got a bit of a gray muzzle myself!

  15. We think you looks adorable with a little gray! :)

  16. Hmmm... This has got me thinking... Do wheatens go grey? will I lose my caramel colour as I get older?


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